Coaching and Courses

We offer a wide range of coaching and courses for adults and children whether you’re just starting out, want to get the most out of your preferred sport or wanting to find a sport for the kids to enjoy. 

If you want to book into one of our term-time coaching lessons, simply contact your chosen centre directly. Payment for coaching is by Direct Debit.

Coaching is available at most of our venues around Edinburgh with times and schedules designed to suit busy lives, including weekend options, after-work sessions and daytime courses. 

We are running coaching classes during the following periods:

  • Monday 16th April 2018 to Sunday 1st July 2018
  • Monday 13th August 2018 to Sunday 14th October 2018
  • Monday 22nd October 2018 to Friday 21st December 2018
  • Saturday 5th January 2019 to Sunday 10th Feb 2019
  • Monday 18th February 2019 to Sunday 7th April 2019
  • Monday 22nd April 2019 to Sunday 30th June 2019

Once you or your child is in our coaching programme you can set up your account on our online Coaching Home Portal where you can see your children's:

  • progress updates online for most of our classes
  • class information online

Follow this link for more information on how to set up an account.


Athletics can develop balance, coordination and confidence as well as fitness. Our classes teach different running, throwing and jumping activities and start at Mini-Athletics for pre-schoolers to courses for teens.

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Develop your technique and improve through experience by joining one of the badminton clubs that play regularly at our venues, giving players of all ages and abilities the chance to learn or compete.

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Boccia is a target ball sport similar to bowls. Our boccia session is open to both adults and young people with sensory, physical and learning disabilities

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We have indoor climbing courses for all levels of experience, from taster courses to dry tooling and lead climbing. We can take you outside to some of the best mountains in Scotland. We can even help you make a career out of climbing.

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Dance classes can help sustain a young child's enthusiasm for movement and music. From ballet, highland dance to hip-hop and cheerleading, we have coaching to fit P1 to P7s.

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Practice twists and turns with trampolines and harnesses in the Dry Dive area before taking to the big boards. We follow the National Diving Award Scheme with classes for all levels.

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Starting from the age of 3 to P7 children in our classes will develop confidence, spatial awareness and teamwork. As they progress they'll put their skills, tactics and knowledge into practice playing the game they enjoy. 

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Gym Nippers

Gymnastics can start when babies begin crawling. Pre-school gymnastics classes help develop a child’s motor skills, balance and agility. A great way to play with your baby or toddler and to meet other parents. 

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Developing skills for life in strength, coordination, self confidence and body awareness. Gymnastics General teaches the basics of floor and vaulting skills from 5 years upwards before progressing to a higher class. 

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Martial Arts

Our full contact judo courses progress through a grading system and involve throwing and holding movements promoting coordination, flexibility, balance, strength and endurance, teaching children self-discipline.

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From toddlers to older adults, we aim to improve confidence in and out of the water, with an emphasis on fun and progression. Our swim teachers are fully accredited and follow Scottish Swimming Learn to Swim Programme. 

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We can get you or your kids on the way to serving up aces through our extensive junior and adult coaching programme, running according to age and ability.

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For children who like to be airborne. Trampolining delivers balance, coordination, cardio fitness and self-confidence. Toddlers and bouncing are a natural combination so courses start at pre-school age.

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We aim to make our coaching programme inclusive for all children and young people across the city. We have a range of classes available with different coach to participant ratios as well as opportunities to attend ASN specific classes.

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Holiday Activities

Whether you're looking for full day camps, top class sports coaching, or just some fun stuff to do in the holidays - we've got it all! So get the kids active and get some peace of mind.

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Is it time for a career change or a new challenge? Have you considered a career in sports coaching? We run a wide range of professional coaching, lifesaving, climbing and First Aid courses.

Swim & Dive

All of our swim and dive education courses are accredited by UKCC (United Kingdom Coaching Certificate) / SQA (Scottish Qualification Authority) and presented in association with Scottish Swimming.

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Lifesaving Qualifications

We hold regular Royal Life Saving Society (RLSS) courses around Edinburgh. Courses include RLSS UK NPLQ 8th Edition, which are recruitment requirements for many jobs at leisure and sports centres in the UK.

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First Aid Training

Our First Aid courses are accredited by Ofqual and presented in association with the Royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS UK), which ensures your qualification is recognised nationwide.

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Industrial rope access is used in a wide range of industries and jobs, including offshore oil and gas, construction and civil engineering. EICA: Ratho is a trainer member of IRATA International, the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association