Tennis Coaching

The junior tennis coaching programme at Edinburgh Leisure is recognised by the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) as being second to none! Our structured pathway allows children to develop their skills in groups with players of similar age and ability and progress from beginner stage to regional and national standard. It's not all about juniors. We also offer expert coaching for adults of all ages and abilities.

Preschool aged children aged 3 & 4 along with their parent/carer can enjoy this session, which will work on basic co-ordination & movement, fun games, and racket & ball skills.

A friendly, fun environment for children in P1 and P2. Lots of fun games and practices at mini tennis red level to help develop co-ordination, movement, and tennis skills.

Children in P3 and P4 will develop their skills at mini tennis orange level. Fun sessions using exciting games and co-ordination exercises to help develop their shots and movement.

Sessions for children in P5 and P6 to further develop their tennis skills and movement, using fun games, drills, and matchplay.

Children in P7 to S2 can enjoy these sessions developing their tennis technically and tactically using practice drills, fun games, and match play.

Silver classes are split into 2 levels: Silver 1 & 2 (Starter session) and Silver 3-5 (Experienced).

For teenagers in S3 to S6, these sessions will develop their tennis technically and tactically using practice drills, fun games, and matchplay. 

Gold classes are split into 2 levels: Gold 1&2 (Starter session) and Gold 3-5 (Experienced). 

Our sessions for adults aim to develop the player's tennis skills through a combination of informal coaching and matchplay. We run these sessions at Craiglockhart Tennis Centre and the Meadows.

Ideal for those who have some basic skills or have completed the New to Tennis 4-week course.

These sessions are aimed at those who have some tennis experience, can serve, keep score and get a rally going.

Suitable for club standard players or those with a good level of tennis experience. Our coach will guide you through advanced drills and tactical situations.

Coaching sessions mixed with matchplay created specifically for women of an improver to advanced standard

A coached matchplay session for players over 50.

You can book your adult class each week on our app (Craiglockhart page) or on our website's 'Book Now' page (just like a fitness class or a gym session).

You have to have an active Edinburgh Leisure booking account to book and pay for your class.  

If you already have an Edinburgh Leisure card/are a member/have created a Pay as You Go booking account you can simply book our adult tennis classes in the same way as any other activity.

If you don't have an EdinburghLeisure card/membership/Pay as you Go Account you can:

Follow this link to 'Ask Us' if you need more help with how to book. 

Our programme caters to adults and juniors alike and is open to a range of disabilities and additional support needs. 

Adult and Junior Wheelchair tennis and specialist ASN tennis classes are available, running at Craiglockhart Tennis Centre.


ASN Junior Squad 12-1pm
Junior Wheelchair 3-4pm
Adult Wheelchair  4-5pm

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What do I need to know about tennis?

Tennis is played by millions of recreational players, at all ages, and is a popular worldwide spectator sport. The sport demands excellent fitness, aerobic stamina, agility, strength, speed, and precision. It is also a technical sport, requiring good motor coordination and the development of sophisticated racquet movements

At Edinburgh Leisure children and adults will learn tennis in a safe and inspirational environment, whether it’s at our specialist tennis centre at Craiglockhart, the outdoor Meadow Tennis Complex or one of our other tennis or leisure venues across the city. In all instances, we provide quality tennis facilities and equipment, ensuring a real tennis experience. Our tennis coaching programme has been recognised by Tennis Scotland and its ‘Tennis Mark’ accreditation scheme.

Where do I go on arrival?

Please arrive 5 minutes before your session starts. 

For adult classes, your coach will meet you court side. At Craiglockhart Tennis Centre the indoor courts are on the lower ground floor and the outdoor courts are within the venue grounds and can easily be seen as you approach the venue. The Meadows tennis courts are beside the play park.

What should I/my child wear?

Comfortable appropriate comfortable clothing that you can move around and be active in, for example t-shirts, shorts, jogging bottoms and trainers. We ask children not to wear sandals or croc-type shoes for tennis. For our outdoor tennis we can experience a mix of weather conditions so at certain times of the year a pair of gloves or a jumper may come in handy. If you are unsure, please check before coming along. Please also tie long hair back and remove any jewellery, and we recommend bringing a water bottle to keep hydrated.

Are there places to watch the tennis coaching?

We're sorry but no spectating is currently allowed.

Are there any opportunities to get involved?

For junior classes, parents of children up to the age of 5 in our Tots Tennis classes are an important part of the class where both the children and adults have great fun learning and socialising together. From the age of 5 (Red) upwards, parents are not involved in the class.

We have a range of classes for adults from complete beginners through to club standard. See above for details.

When can my child start tennis?

The wonderful thing about tennis is you can start playing and enjoying the sport at any age. Our classes start at the age of 3 and go right through to adult. Classes are specifically designed so that whatever your age you can start to play, develop and enjoy the fantastic game of tennis.

For further coaching frequently asked questions click here.

What experience and qualifications do the coaching team have?

All of our coaches are Lawn Tennis Association Qualified, have been vetted by Disclosure Scotland and undergone a thorough training programme.