Our football coach delivery is predominately through game based activities, rather than drills, to develop teamwork and promote independent thinking. Our Scottish Football Association qualified coaches will develop well rounded, technically competent players who learn to play and enjoy the game as a lifelong sport. 

Our player development philosophy is:

• Every child will have a football and activities will focus on spending maximum time with ball

• Every child has the confidence to use the ball positively

• Every child will develop teamwork through fun, cooperation and trust 

At Edinburgh Leisure children and adults will learn football in a safe and inspirational environment across four leisure venues. In all instances, we provide quality football equipment, ensuring a real football experience. We’ve classes for all ages and our programme starts with those at pre-school and continues to develop children until their early teens, and throughout the year every child is assessed against specific skills to enable them to progress and develop. 

Target age group 3 – 5yrs. Classes 45 mins.

Coach to participant ratio: 1:8 (maximum of 16)

Mini Kicker sessions are a great fun way to introduce your child to football, it is specially developed for children aged between 3 - 5 years. Children will develop their fundamental football skills through dribbling, passing and control of the ball while building confidence and learning teamwork.

Target age group P1 – P4. Classes 1 hour.

Coach to participant ratio: 1:10 (maximum of 20)

Children will participate in a variety of structured football activities that emphasis fun while learning new football skills. Maximising the time spent with the ball will be a primary objective so that agility, balance, coordination and speed can be introduced through fun technical training. Tactical elements will be introduced to increase spatial awareness through small sided 4 v4 and 5 v 5 games.

Target age group P5 – P7. Classes 1 hour.

Coach to participant ratio: 1:10 (maximum of 20)

Children will continue to build upon their football skills to establish technical excellence. Utilising the children’s ability to problem solve, training will increase tactical awareness and understanding. The focus will be creating a fun and challenging environment where skill achievement will be accelerated and utilised in 7 v 7 games.

Invite only session (based on identified talent and not chorological age). Classes 1 hour 30mins. 

Coach to participant ratio: 1:10 (maximum of 20) 

Children will be introduced to advanced techniques, technical acquisition in more complex situations and position specific skills. Tactical development will be achieved through working in team unit’s (defence, midfield and forward) and positional awareness.

What to wear

Children should wear appropriate comfortable clothing that they can move around and be active in, for example T-shirts and shorts. Please tie long hair back and remove any jewellery, and children should take a water bottle into their class with them. All of our sessions are indoors so please wear trainers (not football boots). Shin pads can also be worn if desired but are not a pre-requisite.

When can children start football?

Children can start as early as pre-school in our classes for children aged 3 to 5 years through to teens.

Our Classes

Our classes will develop confidence, spatial awareness and teamwork. As they progress they'll put their skills, tactics and knowledge into practice playing the game they enjoy. We currently offer classes at mini-kickers, general, intermediate and development levels.

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