Learn to Climb at EICA

Climbing is one of the fastest growing activities in the UK and if you come and have a go you'll soon see why. It is a full body work out, combining the need for mental focus and problem solving (it's been called playing chess on a vertical board) - and it's extremely sociable.

Our instructors are expert climbers and they have a well-deserved reputation for coaching too. 

We’ve got loads of different courses and coaching options available at Edinburgh International Climbing Arena. Take a look at the different options, filter by activity and courses for adults and juniors and get all the information you need to book.

Suitable for anyone wanting to improve technique with the support of an experienced female climbing coach.  

More and more women are climbing - come along and find out why.

Improve climbing technique, learn rope skills, build confidence and make friends.

To book or for more information: t: 0131 333 6305 or e: info.eica@edinburghleisure.co.uk

Does your child want to get into climbing?  Whether they have conquered Clip N Climb or already gained a bit of experience on the climbing walls, our junior coaching programme caters for all abilities.

Please click here to see the coaching pathway which will show you how your child can progress through our coaching programme to become a skilled climber.  Please speak to our team at EICA about booking your child into one of our coaching programmes. 

We have indoor climbing courses for all levels of experience, from taster courses to lead climbing. We can take you outside to some of the best mountains in Scotland. We can even help you make a career out of climbing.

Please note: advance booking is required for all of the following sessions and courses. Contact the centre on 0131 333 6333  to make a booking, or if it is more convenient drop us an email to info.ratho@edinburghleisure.co.uk and we will be happy to discuss options and availability.


Climbing taster session 

This one hour session is ideal for those new to climbing, it allows two people to enjoy a climbing session supervised by one of our friendly instructors. It is available to both adults and children aged 8 or above. The session costs £22.50 per person, session times vary.  Please note this is not a training session, you will not be able to climb unsupervised after attending a taster session. 

Adult start up session

This 3 hour session teaches the basic skills required to climb safely and register as a competent climber with us. The session will cover how to boulder safely and spot for bouldering, how to use climbing equipment (harnesses, ropes, belay devices and karabiners) to climb on routes where there is a rope already in place. It will also include an introduction to safe use of the auto-belay equipment we have at EICA. This session is normally available at 18.30 on Tuesdays and Fridays; at 18.00 on Thursdays and at 13.00 on Saturdays and Sundays. Additional sessions are occasionally run at 10am at weekends.  The session costs £50 per adult (£35 with an Edinburgh Leisure discount card or membership). A maximum instructor to client ratio of one to six ensures your learning is fully supported, all equipment is provided and included in the session cost.

Adult Improver course 

2 sessions of 2 hours each. These courses are designed to improve your climbing technique whether you have only just completed a start up or if you've been climbing for years. Improvers 1 is all about learning how to use your feet and legs move efficiently and correct any bad habits. Improvers 2 looks at whole body movement energy saving tactics and steeper ground. To ensure everyone on the course has the necessary grounding it is only possible to join an Improvers 2 class if you have already completed the Improvers 1. Courses run on Saturday afternoons from 14.00-1600 (£42 with an Edinburgh Leisure discount card or membership). Maximum instructor to client ratio is 1 to 4, equipment is not included in the course price which is £50 per adult.

Indoor Lead Climbing training

This three and a half hour session teaches a pair of climbers, already proficient in top roping / bottom roping, how to lead climb and belay for a lead climber on indoor routes where runners are already in place. Lead ropes and helmets are provided but you are expected to bring yourown harnesses, rock shoes and belay device. The session is run on demand so can potentially be at any time to suit you, dependent on instructor availability. The session is for two adults and costs £100 for the pair. 

Refresher Session

This one hour session is for climbers who have learned the basic skills. The session will involve the instructor assessing your skills and confidence and bringing them back up to the level required to climb without supervision. This session costs £25.50 per adult not including equipment and is for 2 adults. If you learned the basic skills with us on a start up session a discounted price of £15.50 applies. 

Personal coaching sessions

These sessions are bespoke, covering any aspect of indoor climbing you choose but only available to those who are already have the basic skills taught in the start up course (see above). £25 per adult (not including equipment) and is for 1 or 2 adults.

Outdoor Climbing

We offer training for a range of outdoor climbing activities from Navigation through sport climbing and trad climbing skills and can offer bespoke sessions tailored to your needs. 

For details contact bookings.eica@edinburghleisure.co.uk


As well as climbing for leisure we can provide training and assessment for professional qualifications. If you are looking to work as a climbing instructor either professionally or as a volunteer we run both training courses and assessments for Rock Climbing Instructor, Climbing Wall Instructor (including optional abseil module) and Climbing Wall Development Instructor.  Please click here for dates, costs and more information.

These are nationally recognised qualifications from Mountain Training and all candidates must first register and book through their website http://www.mountain-training.org/.  The website also has full details of the prerequisites for each course. 

Please note training and assessment are booked separately.

Help your children aim high. Kids love to climb, and they can start from age 4 years. The benefits aren't just about fitness, climbing needs creative thinking and problem solving, perseverance and concentration, safety awareness and responsibility and the physical skills of strength and body awareness.

Watch your kids blossom and gain confidence and competence as they have a huge amount of fun with our friendly, qualified instructors.

We run Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) courses and assessments at levels one, two and three. These qualifications are internationally recognised and are required for working at height professionally in many industries.  

Courses run for 5 consecutive days Monday to Friday Level one course costs £640; Level two course costs £590; Level 3 course costs £590, Level one revalidation £590. For more information on these courses please click here.  

You can find more about IRATA on their website: http://www.irata.org/

Our IRATA Training courses will be run on the following dates:


  • 2nd - 6th September
  • 7th - 11th October
  • 4th - 8th November
  • 2nd - 6th December

For more details contact info.ratho@edinburghleisure.co.uk or telephone 0131 333 6333.

We want as many people as possible to experience climbing, so we put a lot of energy into working with different education and community groups – youth groups, schools, clubs, Cubs, Brownies and the like. We welcome all groups as long as they meet the age and height requirements for specific activities. You could do a one-off activity such as a climbing taster or follow the National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme (NICAS) or Climbing Wall Award. As well as being thrilling for all concerned, these activities can also help attract new members to your group.

Our seasonal holiday camp is run by experienced leaders to help make the most of every child's day. Activities vary but kids will have huge fun taking part in games, sports, craft and drama. Keep the kids active and entertained and give yourself some peace of mind during the holidays.