Our coached Gymnastics classes are open to boys and girls and work mainly on beam, bars, floor and vault skills.  Classes also cover dynamic balances, flexibility stretches and strength work.  All children start at Entry Stage where they master the basic skills and move up through Stages 1-4 as they become competent in the skills for that Stage.  If they have previous gymnastics experience, they might be invited for a skills assessment and be directed to a more suitable Stage.  We have a small number of Boys' classes at Tumbles at Portobello and these classes will also work on Men's Artistic skills and equipment. Children’s progress is monitored against the Edinburgh Leisure competencies and you can keep a track by signing up to our home portal.  

We have closed bookings for this block of GymStars, however we will be starting a new block very soon! 

Join our weekly classes to learn choreographed Display Gymnastics routines!

  • Display Performances throughout the year as well as at our Festive Display
  • Requires a weekly commitment to attend due to team routines
  • Suitable for P1+ with previous basic gymnastics experience

Keep your eyes peeled on social media and our website for when bookings reopen! 

Please book into our Entry Stage class if your child is new to our gymnastics programme, or has had a break and is in Primary 1 or above. Even if they have done some gymnastics before, our coaches will assess all new children coming into these classes and will recommend the correct class for them to move to if appropriate.

If your child has had significant recent experience please submit an enquiry using the form on this page and one of the team will get back to you.

Our 60-minute Entry Stage Gymnastics class is the starting point for all new customers P1 and above.  Participants will learn basic gymnastics skills and have the opportunity to build confidence and friendships as well as learning basic skills on vault, beam, bars and floor.  They will gain exposure to different types of gymnastics equipment within this class and start to learn the basic skills on each piece of apparatus. There are no prerequisites for this stage of class.

Our Stage 1 Gymnastics class is the next progressive level from Entry Stage.  The class is still 60 minutes and during this time participants will further develop the fundamental skills and will start to develop an understanding of the language used within the sport.  At this level, they will start to show a desire to build their core, flexibility and strength which will aid improved performance.  Participants will consolidate their learning and start to build accuracy on key skills that were learnt at Entry Stage.  You cannot book directly into this class, please book into 'Entry Stage' or request a skills assessment.

In Stage 2 Gymnastics participants will be demonstrating that they are eager to learn, determination and have a desire to progress within the sport.  Training time increases to 90-minute classes and at this level they will build on strength and stamina.  On the apparatus, the gymnasts will start to develop their skills and progress onto more challenging skills and start to understand the need for good body tension and spacial awareness.  You cannot book directly into this class, please book into 'Entry Stage' or request a skills assessment.

Our Stage 3 Gymnastics classes will further progress participant's gymnastics skills.  They will see an increase in the length of class to 120 minutes, along with more focus on the accuracy of the skills delivery.  On apparatus gymnasts will be challenged with more difficult skills needing good body tension and spacial awareness.  You cannot book directly into this class, please book into 'Entry Stage' or request a skills assessment. 

Our Stage 4 Gymnastics is the top level of coaching within our programme and only available as our bespoke facility at Tumbles at Portobello.  Gymnasts continue to perfect the basics and start linking skills together more.  Class length is still 120 minutes.  You cannot book directly into this class, please book into 'Entry Stage' or request a skills assessment.

Our 60-minute GymStars - Display Gymnastics is an open to any gymnast P1+ who is in our Stage 1 class or above (or equivalent) and also to new customers who can neatly achieve basic gymnastics skills such as rolls, cartwheels, handstands and balances. Participants will focus on floor skills, tumbling, balances and full routines mastering precision in execution thereby creating performances of a high standard.  This class requires a weekly commitment to attend as routines are choreographed to music and show both group and individual skills, and dance sequences with the team.  

Display Gymnastics is an exciting and rewarding discipline which helps to build on life skills of working together as a team and building individual confidence.  Gymnasts in this class will be expected to participate in team performances at in-class displays and larger events including the Edinburgh Leisure’s Festive Display held towards the end of the year at Meadowbank.  Dates of future performances will be provided on booking or if you wish to make an enquiry regarding these please contact the venue on the email address provided. 

Booking is now open so book your space today! 


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What clothing is needed?

Participants are asked whenever possible to arrive ready for their activity as some venues have very limited changing space.  Children should wear appropriate stretchy and comfortable clothing that they can move around and be active in, for example T-shirt and shorts, tracksuit bottoms or leggings or a gymnastics leotard (dresses or skirts are not suitable).  For reasons of safety at all ages, longer hair should be tied back off the face and jewellery must be removed or taped over for duration of the class.  Participants should bring a water bottle with them. They will take part in the gymnastics lessons in bare feet.

Do I need to accompany my child to gymnastics lessons?

P1+ Gymnastics (under 9 yrs) - Parents/carers of our participants may leave the building once the child is safely in their class but should return to the delivery area at the end of the session to collect their child. 

P1+ Gymnastics (9 yrs and over) – Participants may arrive and leave classes unaccompanied.

How is progress recorded?
Throughout the year every participant is regularly assessed against the expected skills level for their class.  The skills and their progress can be viewed by you at any time through our Coaching Portal

For further coaching frequently asked questions click here.

For a full list of our different coaching venues and the individual classes they offer please visit the link below