Boccia is a target ball sport similar to bowls but played with blue and red leather balls. The aim of the game it to get your colour closer to the white ball. The session is aimed to improve participant’s skills and tactics in a fun social environment. The session is open to both adults and young people with sensory, physical and learning disabilities. 

Boccia a sport designed for inclusion, as the sport is played seated it is ideal for wheelchair users or those with limited mobility. However, boccia can be beneficial to everyone as it improves fine motor skills, accuracy, decision making, teamwork and communication.


This runs from 6:25pm-7:10pm every Tuesday at Gracemount Leisure and is perfect for children aged P3-P7. 

This class is ideal for anyone aged 16+ and runs at Gracemount Leisure from 19:15-20:00. 

 Players can choose to play offensive or defensive by using tactics like building walls like knocking away opponents' balls; the game requires plenty skill and quick thinking. 

If you like games like bowling, boccia is an ideal sport! 

What is boccia?

Boccia (pronounced botcha) is a Paralympic target sport played indoors on a court. Players propel a boccia ball by rolling, throwing or kicking it towards the target (jack) ball. As an activity, boccia is similar to boules but uses a soft leather ball, which means it can be played at any time in any place and by anyone.

Who can play?

Boccia is ideal for all people with a disability and is popular with wheelchair users and individuals with cerebral palsy, learning disabilities and acquired age-related disability.

What ages can play?

Our sessions are open to anyone from 5 to 105 however most participants tend to be in high school or adults.

Can I take part if I cannot throw a ball?

Participants who are unable to self-propel a ball can use a ramp to play the ball onto the court. We do have a small number of ramps available for use by participants but cannot guarantee one will be available.

Do I need to bring a carer?

Participants are not required to bring a carer however, each participant/participant’s primary carer will be asked to complete a form detailing their support needs and from this the lead coach will discuss with the participant/participant’s primary carer if they may require support from a carer to full access the sessions.

Where can I play boccia?

Boccia lessons are available at Gracemount Leisure Centre.

Is there the opportunity to compete at boccia?

Most weeks within the sessions we will play either full or conditioned games. There are boccia tournaments ran by external partners throughout the year and coaches will pass information and application packs onto participants if they wish to take part, however attendance at these tournaments is will be entirely at the participants own discretion.

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