Dancing is one of the first things babies do when they learn to stand and walk. It’s a natural thing to want to do. Dance classes can help sustain that enthusiasm for movement and music. They can also improve coordination and fitness, and boost children’s ability to concentrate. And whatever your age, from 3 to 93, being able to dance well impresses other people.We run dance coaching for children from P1 to P7. There are ballet classes of course, which are great for balance, coordination and flexibility. 

But if points, pirouettes and first position are not your child’s thing, there are other choices too. Highland dance is excellent for coordination and posture, as well as being good exercise. Cheerleading  promotes confidence and teamwork, and incorporates elements of gymnastics as well as dance. And kids who want to be more street can pop, break and lock their way to coolness if they come to our hip hop course.

Your child will be taught all the classical ballet moves within a friendly caring environment. From first position to pirouette we teach the lot.

A fun, funky and energetic way for children to keep fit. Our coached sessions incorporate elements of dance, gymnastics and team building. They are suitable for both boys and girls between 5-16 yrs.

Cut a groove learning one of the most popular street dance formats around just now - dance to impress!

Traditional Scottish Highland dance is not just fun, it will get your child active and fit at the same time!