Fitness Classes

Work that body, come dancing, sweat it out, exercise mind and body or take to the water. Fitness classes, like people, come in all shapes and sizes and we're sure to have a class for you whatever your age, level of fitness or preferred workout. 

As the city’s largest provider of physical activity, you have plenty of choice as we offer over 700 classes, 7 days a week, in venues all across Edinburgh.

For speedy class booking use the search at the bottom of this page, or try our FREE App, available for Apple and Android devices.

Don't be afraid to try something new! With over 700 classes every week the choice is huge.

As well as exercising different muscles, it's a great way to keep you motivated and exercising regularly. So don’t just stick to the same class every week – try something new from our free style classes to the hugely popular Les Mills workouts, each hosted by enthusiastic, highly qualified instructors and all featuring great music.

And if you can't get to our instructor led classes, try virtual fitness on demand - the class you want, when you want it.

Whenever the studios are free, you can access hundreds of fitness classes in:

  • Ainslie Park Leisure Centre cycle studio
  • Drumbrae Leisure Centre cycle studio and Studio 2
Speak to the centres for more information.


Work your body. Classes which strengthen and tone your whole body, focus on core areas like tums, bums and thighs or help to improve your posture, flexibility and back health.


Ditch the workout and come dancing – it’s strictly fun! Lose weight, increase flexibility and get fit while you move to the rhythm of your favourite sounds in our fun-filled dance classes.

High Energy

Sweat it out. Blast off some energy as you step or box your way to fitness or go for a 20/20/20 cocktail of step, circuit and conditioning. Energetic classes delivering big results.

Mind & Body

Exercise for the mind and body. Relaxation, health and fitness for all ages and abilities. Increase your sense of wellbeing, unwind and relax while improving flexibility and balance.  

Water - Based

Take the pressure off. Exercise in the water, the resistance provides an effective workout without straining your joints and makes these classes suitable for all ages.


Start out on your road to fitness with these highly effective, low impact classes. New light technology iMatrix IC7 bikes are installed in some studios so get on your bike and try them out.

We pride ourselves on having an extensive and motivating programme. Our timetables are issued three times per year and we are consistently on the lookout for new and exciting products to add value to, and compliment the programme where we can. Customer feedback is always taken on board whilst making these decisions to ensure we are always fresh, relevant and keep up with demand. 

We hope you find what you are looking for  - just click on the button below.

With a choice of over 700 fitness classes available at our venues across the city, you may want to attend several classes a week or combine these with gym or swim.  

Save with our great value membership options, designed to fit you whether you’re just starting out, a regular in the gym or if swim’s more your thing. Enjoy unlimited access, advanced booking and get up to 25% off other selected activities including climbing, racquet sports and golf.

Use what you want, when you want. 

To find out more about joining, select your favourite venue from below and click 'View Membership Options' to see what's on offer.


You can book fitness classes online, on the App, in person and by telephone. If fitness classes are not included in your membership you must pay at the time of booking.

Arriving in time for your class

We kindly ask customers who have booked into a class to swipe attendance at reception at least 5 minutes prior to the class starting, to allow enough time to get the studio and get set for your class starting. Please note, if you do not swipe your attendance in this time frame, you may lose your space to a customer on the waiting list.   

To avoid any incorrect No Show charges, please always use your membership card or fob to check in for classes.

Fitness Class Waiting Lists

If fitness classes are included in your membership: If the class is full, you have the option to book onto the waiting list. If fitness classes are not included in your membership: If the class is full, you have the option to join the waiting list. There is no charge to book onto the waiting list but if you then get booked into the class you will have to pay to confirm your place.

Waiting list email alerts

We send out emails throughout the day alerting you to any spaces that have become available in the classes that you’re on the waiting list for. The email will contain a link you can click on to automatically book you into the class and prompt for payment if required. There is no priority position - everyone on the waiting list receives the email at the same time ensuring an equal chance of booking the space. First come, first booked!

Fitness class cancellations and charges

Isn’t it frustrating when you can’t get a place in your favourite fitness class? Even more so when you find out that a space was available because someone booked but didn’t turn up, or cancelled at the very last minute! It may shock you to learn that across Edinburgh Leisure we have hundreds of such occurrences every week. That’s a lot of people missing out on the chance to enjoy the brilliant buzz of group exercise!

Please cancel more than 3 hours* before the class is due to start to allow other customers an opportunity to gain a space in the class and you won’t be charged for your cancelling your space.

If fitness classes are included in your membership:

You can cancel your fitness class online, on the App, in person and by telephone. Many of our centres offer a voicemail option, so you can leave a message during peak times.If you cancel less than 3 hours* before the class starts and the space remains unfilled when the class starts a Late Cancellation charge of £2 will be applied to your account so if the class starts at 6:30pm, you need to cancel by 4:30pm to ensure you don’t get a Late Cancellation charge. If you don’t turn up for your class a No Show charge of £2 will be applied to your account. We will email you the next day about any charges and you are required to pay within 7 days. 

If fitness classes are not included in your membership:

 You must cancel your space in person or by telephone. If you cancel more than 2 hours before the class you will get a refund or have the option to move your booking to another class. If you cancel less than 2 hours before the class starts, no refund will be given.

If you have any queries about bookings or cancellations please speak to a member of staff at your local centre, or contact

*As of Monday 19th March 2018.