Fitness Classes - Cycling

Pedal your way to fitness. Our range of indoor cycling classes provide a low impact, athletic, cardiovascular workout which is fun and easier than riding a bike. Don't worry if you're not a super fit cyclist - you can join in and progress at your own level.

We have recently installed new iMatrix IC7 bikes in some of our fitness studios featuring the latest light technology. Our instructor-led classes coach by colour to enhance your experience, helping you to build up speed, strength and endurance using the latest digital-technology to track your performance and fitness gains.

You can book Fitness Classes as a member or PAYG online or download our mobile app for Android or iOS

Make fitness more powerful and original. Our high energy cycling workouts are guaranteed to leave you on a natural high and wanting more - and you don't need to wear padded shorts on our bikes!  Find your rhythm in a cardio peak cycling workout that delivers maximum results with minimum impact on your joints.

Group Cycling

Group cycling will quickly deepen your understanding and connection to power-based training and how it can benefit your fitness in strength,endurance and sprints.


Derived from cycle racing, RPM uses simulated hill climbs, sprints and flat riding in a workout where you control the intensity on a journey with great music.


A 30-minute high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout where you work as hard as possible, followed by periods of rest that prepare you for the next effort. 

Virtual RPM

The power of technology - join a virtual instructor-led class through scenic environments from around the world in your local studio. 

Determine your individual Functional Threshold Wattage (FTW) value in an evaluation test that measures how much power you generate on the bike to help you monitor your workout progress.  

Every four minutes, the console automatically increases by 25 watts and at the end of the test, the console will provide your wattage. This number is individual to you and the data  input into the console so the workout planned by the instructor remains tailored. 

The FTW Test is a great tool as a starting point to establish what power you currently generate and how your training will help improve this area of fitness.

You can book Fitness Classes as a member or PAYG online or download our mobile app for Android or iOS