Fitness Classes - Water Based

Exercise in the water, the resistance provides an effective workout without straining your joints. We have a range of classes available for all ages and fitness levels. 

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An effective workout using the resistance that water creates. Equipment is used to increase intensity – suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

FitFloat is a 30 minute revolutionary, low impact, cross training workout on water using the world’s first floating exercise mat, the AquaBase.The movement created by the water requires both the core and concentration to work together to stay afloat. Think burpees, lunges, planks and squats...all on water! You'll have so much fun in class, you won't know you've had a workout until the next day. 

We recommend wearing gym clothes you don't mind getting wet. To take part in this class you must be confident in deep water. 

A NEW low level water-based activity class suited to anyone looking for a gentle (re)introduction to physical activity.

This 40 minute class is a low level cardiac workout which focuses on building or maintaining muscle tone and improving coordination

This is the perfect class for someone looking to become active and is ideal for people looking to gain water confidence whilst working out.

The classes are as follows:
Leith Victoria Swim Centre     Tuesday        11.20
Portobello Swim Centre         Wednesday  10.20

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An adult coached class where you will increase fitness and improve your technique under the guidance of an expert. 

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A 30-minute swim class designed to make you a stronger, fitter and faster swimmer. Powerswim caters for a wide range of swimming abilities from casual fitness to a competitive swimmer. 

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Skills and Drills

A swim class designed to improve your technique, make you a stronger swimmer and introduce you to key aquatic drills.

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A great water-based alternative to circuit training eliminating any jarring effect on the joints. 

This high intensity interval training class involves the use of the Speedo Aqua Belt and weights in the swimming pool. 

To take part in this class you must be confident in deep water (1.5m-2.0m).

If you've tried spinning then try cycling underwater for an hour to get a whole new perspective on a workout!

Hydrospin is a water-based fitness class combining the dynamism of indoor studio cycling with the benefits of water-based exercise.

You'll leave the session feeling invigorated and energised, having had a total body workout! 

Class times include 15 minutes preparation and 45 minutes in the water so please be poolside for the start of the class.