Fitness Classes - Conditioning

Work your body. If you’re aiming to look good and feel great, give our conditioning classes a go and get the feel good factor. 

Strengthen, condition and tone your whole body, or concentrate on certain areas like tums, bums and thighs. We use different techniques and equipment, including exercise bands, weights, Swiss balls and hula hoops. Try out different classes and see which one works best for your body to help achieve your fitness goals.

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If you're new to exercise then it’s best to start with a low impact class which effectively works your muscles and will familiarise you with the demands of the session. For those who want a change from the gym, then instructor-led circuits will make sure you get the workout that suits your needs and introduce you to new techniques. Of course all our classes are accompanied by music to motivate with enthusiastic instructors ready to give you advice.

Body Conditioning

Designed to strengthen and tone the whole body using hand held weights and exercise bands.


Muscular firming and endurance workout using weights to build strength, condition and tone.


Punch your way to a perfect physique in this fun, energetic class of coordination, balance and timing.


Repetitions around set stations incorporating strength, cardio and core work using a range of equipment.

Core Conditioning

Focus on your core (abs and back) strength and stability, improving posture, spinal strength and flexibility.

Get Low

Get Low is a beat-driven low impact workout designed to ignite your mind, move your body & improve your well-being.


A great body-sculpting, core-conditioning, balance & stretch workout with simple routines choreographed to a variety of music genres.


L1FT delivers true strength development in a group fitness setting. With varied training protocols and a “workout of the day” focus, L1FT keeps your muscles challenged and your mind guessing.


Traditional bodyweight exercises combined with high intensity interval and Tabata training.


PiYo is a low impact workout with a blend of Yoga and Pilates which strengthens and tones the body whilst also increasing flexibility.


Pound fuses cardio, pilates, isometric movements, plyometrics and isometric poses with constant simulated drumming for a full body workout.


Strengthen and slim your core using a weighted, padded hula hoop. So much fun, you won’t think it's exercise!

Tums, Bums and Thighs

A classic and still extremely popular conditioning class specifically for toning the mid to lower body.