NRG Zone

Our gyms aren't just for adults! 

We provide secondary school students up to 15 years old with a safe and controlled environment as they find their feet in the gym. Being active is great for self esteem, keeping you healthy and giving you more energy. 

We're pleased to be bringing back NRG Zone to all our re-opened gyms.  

NRG Zone is our gym accreditation programme for young people from S1 up to 15 years old. 

Sessions are led by an expert instructor who will teach you everything you need to know in order to safely and effectively work out in the gym. You'll be be shown how to use all the equipment, and be taught proper form to perform exercises.

Once your instructor is confident that you're ready, you'll be accredited to work out in the gym unsupervised. You must complete a minimum of five NRG Zone sessions to be accredited.

NRG Zone is included in our Junior Fitness membership, which is only £10 a month. With this membership, you'll also have access to swimming, climbing, golf and fitness classes (conditions apply).

In order to make our venues safe for all our customers, we've changed a few things:

  • All sessions must be booked online or through our app.
  • You must check in at the venue with a card. If you don't currently have a card, you can pick one up before your first visit.
  • You must arrive gym-ready, no longer than five minutes before your session starts.
  • Sessions are 55 minutes, giving you five minutes at the end of your session to leave the venue before the next customers arrive.

For more details on how we've prepared our gym for your safety, please visit our Gym COVID-19 Guidelines page.

Use the dropdown menu below to see your local venue, where you will then be able to find their gym timetable and book an NRG Zone session.

Members can book up to 4 days in advance, non-members up to 3 days in advance.

So we can safely manage the numbers of people in our venues all our activities have to be pre-booked online. To book online you have to have an account with us.

  • If you have an Edinburgh Leisure card/are a member we will have automatically set up an account for you.  If you don’t know your password, or haven’t set one up, go to our ‘Book now’ portal and click ‘Forgotten password’ Simply follow the instructions from there or have a look at our video below.

  • If you don’t have an Edinburgh Leisure card you can set up a ‘Pay as you go’ account with us. Or, you can of course buy a membership or a discount card and we will set up an account for you

  • You can book through our 'Book now' online portal or download our app.

  • Booking terms and conditions can be found here

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