Personal Trainers in our gyms

If you'd like help with a long-term plan exercise programme, or getting fitter for a particular event, personal training could be the answer. Personal training helps you by providing structure, results, variety and motivation, and it's available at an Edinburgh Leisure venue near you. A number of "PT's" are based in Edinburgh Leisure gyms.

What's involved?

You’ll start with an initial consultation to assess your current state of health and define your fitness goals - lose weight, improve posture or simply get fitter. This gives you an agreed starting point, and also a benchmark against which to measure your progress. A good personal training programme will be changed regularly, not only for variety, but also to allow for continued progression. The programme should be flexible - most coaches offer either one-to-one coaching or sessions with partners or friends.

Having a regularly scheduled appointment is great for maintaining your motivation. Not only will you have someone else to report back to, you’ll also be taking part in a structured and realistic programme designed to deliver maximum results in the minimum of time.

The emphasis should be making exercise fun, so that you have the motivation to not only meet, but exceed your goals. The variety of exercises is almost endless. A typical programme will generally combine Aerobic (CV), resistance (weights) & flexibility to give you the workout that suits you best.

We've got a whole squad of Personal Trainers using our centres across the city, give them a buzz and chat through your needs and find the PT for you. 

Please note - they are not employed by Edinburgh Leisure and all financial transactions will be carried out between you and the Personal Trainer.

Are you a fully qualified Personal Trainer and would like to train your clients within Edinburgh Leisure Facilities? Please contact our Gym Development Manager, Ross Collins ( for further information.

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