Soft Play Membership Terms & Conditions

1 Soft Play Membership 

There will be one non-transferable membership per named child up to a maximum of 4 named children, with each child being less than 10 years old. A photograph of each child must be taken when arriving for first session.

2 Membership Benefits 

The membership gives the member access to the flowing benefits. 

• Access to Edinburgh Leisure soft play facilities as listed below 

• Clambers at the Royal Commonwealth Pool 

• Scrambles at EICA:Ratho 

• Tumbles Soft Play and Gymnastics Centre Portobello 

• Email notification of special events and activities. 

3 Membership Responsibility 

All children must be supervised by an adult at all times and all other soft play terms and conditions apply. This includes those relating to access to the soft play and session times.

4 Charging 

The monthly Direct Debit amount will be subject to change at the discretion of Edinburgh Leisure. All bank account holders will be given 10 working days notice of any price change. 

If your bank rejects the bank account holders Direct Debit, Edinburgh Leisure will reapply again during the same month. 

If the soft play membership remain unpaid 15 days after the payment due date, Edinburgh Leisure will lapse the associated membership. 

5 Membership Freeze Option 

You can freeze the membership here. Please be aware we require advance notice to do this (see freeze link for details). Your membership can be frozen for a minimum of one month and a maximum of 6 months. Memberships can only be frozen from the 1st of the month and for whole months. Early unfreeze is possible. A pro-rata payment will be charged on the day of unfreezing. 

6 Cancellations 

You can cancel your membership directly with Edinburgh Leisure by emailing  It is also advisable to cancel your Direct Debit with your bank. There is no cancellation fee. Edinburgh Leisure reserves the right to withdraw your membership or some of the benefits without notice. 

Customers must give 1 weeks’ notice of membership cancellation. Edinburgh Leisure have the following cut off dates for any membership changes.

Notification Received
Membership Will Stop On
1st to 24th of current month
last day of current month
25th to last date of current month
last day of next month


Notification Received
Membership Will Stop On
24th October
31st October
25th October
30th November

7 Promotional Activity

Activities and/or promotions will be run on an ongoing basis across all Edinburgh Leisure Centres. All promotions will have a limited lifespan, limited availability and will be subject to specific terms and conditions. These terms and conditions will state in them if the promotion is open to soft play members or their associated bank account holders. Unless otherwise stated members or bank account holders cannot benefit from more than one promotion at the same time. 

8 Opening and Closing 

All facilities will open and close as advertised. All facilities will be subject to closure for maintenance, public holidays and special events. Edinburgh Leisure will give 14 days notice of any closure. There will be exceptional circumstances when a facility may close without any notice. Any alternative may be offered in this case where possible. For any queries about your Direct Debt payment, please contact