Refund Policy 

If you paid for your activity at the time of booking we are unable to offer any refunds. Please only book for an activity if you are confident you can attend. Whilst, in the past, we made every effort to enable some movement of bookings, with pressures on current resources and to prioritise customers needing assistance, we are unable to move any bookings.

Alternatively, if you have an Edinburgh Leisure membership and  the activity you are booking is part of your membership, our system allows you to cancel your booking up to 3 hours before your activity is due to start.

Here is a link to more information about our booking, cancellation and refund policy and processes.

  • Sports coaching and swimming lessons paid by Direct Debit - if Edinburgh Leisure has to cancel the lesson we will adjust your direct debit payment by the cost of the lesson no later than the month following the cancellation.

  • If you paid for the activity at the time of booking it and Edinburgh Leisure has to cancel the activity we will refund your payment automatically back to the card you used for booking. You do not need to contact us. If you have paid for your booking using Loyalty Points we will add the relevant number of points back to your account.