How to book a coaching class

If you want to book into one of our coaching classes, simply contact the centre directly and they'll be able to tell you about suitable classes. We run coaching during the year matching the school terms. We also run great holiday clubs and concentrated coaching sessions during the school holidays. 

Have a look at the wide range of courses and classes we offer for children and adults.

Once you or your child is in our coaching programme you can set up your account on our online Coaching Home Portal where you can see your child/ren's:

  • progress updates online for most of our classes
  • class information online

In our centres you may see coaches and teachers using an ipod during lessons to record attendance and log children’s progress reports. If you, or any of your family, take part in coaching sessions at the centres listed below you can now register by following these instructions. We will be rolling this service our to all centres over the coming weeks so look out for your local centre being added. 

Register and set up your account now

1. Visit the online Coaching Home Portal

2. Click the 'Register Now' button

3. Type in the Card ID number (for person receiving the coaching)

4. Enter date of birth in the 'Member DOB' field (for person receiving the coaching)

5. Enter the email address you have previously provided us, or your postcode on record

6. If you have more than one child in a centre that's now on the Coaching Home Portal you can add them to your account at this stage by clicking 'Add another member'

7. Enter your email address

8. Set a password

9. You'll then be emailed a link which will activate your account when you click on it.

If you have any queries related to setting up your account please get in touch with us at

Coaching Home Portal

Ainslie Park Leisure Centre                                     Jack Kane Sports Centre                Warrender Swim Centre         

Craiglockhart Leisure and Tennis Centre             Leith Victoria Swim Centre

Dalry Swim Centre                                                   Portobello Swim Centre

Glenogle Swim Centre                                            Royal Commonwealth Pool 

Gracemount Leisure Centre                                  Tumbles at Portobello

We will be rolling this service our to all centres over the coming weeks so look out for your local centre being added. 

If you are in the coaching programme at a centre that is not currently on the coaching home portal you will have to rebook your place now. Rebooking is now open at the following centres only: 

  • Drumbrae Leisure Centre
  • Kirkliston Leisure Centre
  • Queensferry High Recreation Centre
  • Meadowbank Sports Centre
  • EICA:Ratho. 

All other centres are now on our Coaching Home Portal so no longer operate traditional rebooking. 

Our coaching can be paid for by Direct Debit. We are helping all customers currently in our coaching programme to move fully to Direct Debit.