Disclosure Log

The Disclosure Log details each Freedom of Information (FOI) request we have processed, including when it was received, what it concerned and our response to it.

Request No. Request Date Resolution
ELIR00233 26.02.2019 07.03.2019
Customer Policies
I would like to know information regarding your customer service policies, which type of information and records you keep on customers and which customer service procedures you have.
ELIR00232 25.02.2019 01.03.2019
Non-attendance at Fitness Classes
I would like to know how many people have failed to turn up to pre-booked fitness classes at Drumbrae Leisure Centre in the last six months. This does not include people who have cancelled in advance of a class. If possible I would like the figures broken down by 'activity' as listed in the Book On-line area of your website or failing that, 'activity type'.
ELIR00231 15.01.2019 28.02.2019
Operational Cost for Facility
Hello, You have an amazing facility. I have been wanting to open a facility like yours and after doing hours of research, I came across you! WOW Would you consider sharing information on what it took to bring your dream to light? I would like to learn more about your operation, who built your walls, cost to build, operate, customer fees and memberships and maintenance costs. I would be willing to sign a confidentiality letter. I look forward to hearing from you, have an fabulous day.
ELIR00230 09.01.2019 n/a
Request for Personal Data
Request for Personal Data