Disclosure Log

The Disclosure Log details each Freedom of Information (FOI) request we have processed, including when it was received, what it concerned and our response to it.

Request No. Request Date Resolution
ELIR00080 19.06.2017 n/a
Direct Debit system
I am requesting information on your direct debit system for the last 5 years, looking for the total number of refunds / claims made due to mistakes in the collection of direct debit payments. As well as the total number of customers using the direct debit system in the same time periods. E.g. Year 1 2000 customers on DD, 20 claims/refunds made.
ELIR00079 05.06.2017 06.06.2017
Appraisal Forms
Copies of Appraisal Forms used by Edinburgh Leisure while conducting appraisals / reviews.
ELIR00078 08.05.2017 23.05.2017
Governance Arrangements
I am looking for information on governance arrangements, including the documents as listed below: Code of Conduct Standing Orders Operating Guidelines Scheme of Delegation Register of Directors Interests
ELIR00077 18.04.2017 02.05.2017
Sexual Predators
Information on reports of sexual predators approaching members of the public within Edinburgh Leisure venues.
ELIR00076 29.03.2017 12.04.2017
Waste Management Contract Expiry Date
Information on Edinburgh Leisure's waste management contract expiry date and likely tender date in the future.
ELIR00075 07.04.2017 22.04.2017
Health & Fitness Members
Information on gender split of Fitness members by membership type.
ELIR00074 24.03.2017 24.03.2017
Child Protection Policy
Please provide me with a copy of your Child Protection Policy.
ELIR00073 09.03.2017 10.03.2017
Pool Fun Sessions
Do your fun sessions at the weekends have inflatables?
ELIR00072 01.03.2017 07.03.2017
Visits to EICA in July
Can you tell me how many visits, i.e. people through the door, there were to the Edinburgh International Climbing Arena in Ratho in 2016?
ELIR00071 17.02.2017 08.03.2017
Accident at Meggetland
Request for information regarding an accident at Meggetland on 15/11/2015. Details of previous accidents involving goalposts. Who is responsible for the maintenance of Meggetland Sports Complex and its outdoor pitches. Maintenance records for the pitch and goal posts at Meggetland Sports Complex from 15/11/2012 – 15/11/2015. Who owns and controls Meggetland Sports Complex The lease for Meggetland Sports Complex Were any investigations carried out in relation to the accident on 15/11/2015 and if so the documents relating to this including photographs and statements What is the system of inspection at Meggetland Sports Complex for the sports pitches How regularly are the pitches inspected at Meggetland Sports Complex Inspection records of Meggetland Sports Complex from 15/11/2012 – 15/11/2015. Who is responsible for the system of inspection at Meggetland Sports Complex Any other information that is relevant to the accident on 15/11/2-15.
ELIR00070 08.02.2017 09.02.2017
Flooring in Fitness Studios at RCP
What type of floors were laid for the fitness studios in the Royal Commonwealth Pool? Are they laminate or wood?
ELIR00069 04.02.2017 28.02.2017
Hire of Meadowbank
Request for information about Edinburgh Leisure's policy regarding the hire of facilities / space within Meadowbank Sports Centre to hold privately run sporting events. Information regarding the full procedure for consideration of requests to make such a hire and whether there is an appeal system for requests which have been refused and how an applicant may seek information about the reasons for refusal. Also whether there are categories of activity / types of sporting event which are not permitted within Meadowbank and whether Muay Thai Boxing is included in such a category.
ELIR00068 23.01.2017 23.01.2017
Scottish Swimming Championships
Information requested on the Scottish Swimming Championships at Royal Commonwealth Pool.
ELIR00067 06.01.2017 09.01.2017
Performance Related Pay
Information requested for 2014 /15 & 2015/16 on numbers of staff receiving bonuses or performance related pay during these periods.