Gym Based Classes

Book into one of our instructor-led gym based classes to take your fitness to the next level. 

See our Gym Venues or check the timetable of your local venue to see where you can take part in these gym-based classes.

    Gym Blast: A full body work out to increase cardiovascular & muscular fitness and aid in fat burn by using a variety of gym kit and body weight exercises.

    Cardio Blast: A high intensity cardiovascular based work out to increase heart and lung capacity by using a variety CV kit and body weight exercises.

    Strength Blast: A high intensity resistance-based workout targeting all muscle groups to increase muscle conditioning, aerobic capacity, and sports performance.

    Core Blast: A full body workout focusing on your core. This class is not only going to help you tone and expose your abs, but also work on your lower back, glutes and stability.

    Fighting Fit: A boxing inspired high intensity workout using gloves and pads. Designed to burn fat, increase fitness, and have fun.

    Gym Vitality: A class to help reduce aches & pains and increase performance. It’s a low intensity class geared towards improving flexibility & mobility across key muscle groups and joints.

    Abs Class: A 30-minute conditioning class improving strength and stability of the entire core area.

    Abs Blast Class: 15-minute conditioning class improving strength and stability of the entire core area.

    Although the sessions are classed high intensity anyone can join in as the gym teams will tailor the workout to each individual’s level.

    Looking for 1-1 instruction - check out our Instructor Sessions - also bookable online or via the App.

    Pick a venue from the menu below to have a look at their timetable of gym-based classes.

    Our gym based classes are pre-book only and you can book online or via 'Coached Gym Sessions' on our mobile app for Android or iOS

    • Book the session in advance and please cancel if you cannot make the session

    • The sessions will burn calories, please make sure you are fuelled up and hydrated well before the class

    • Work to your own intensity, if you need a breather during the session, stop, rest, and continue again once recovered.

    • Although each class will involve a warm-up it can often help to perform your own specific warm up prior if you know you have areas you need to mobilise on e.g. joint stiffness etc.

    • Come with an open mind. You will perform lots of new exercises and use equipment & training methods you may not have done previously

    • Don’t overdo it if you are new to classes, training in high intensity can be taxing on the body. Try 1 class per week supplemented by your own personal program, which our gym teams can create for you, before doing multiple gym classes per week. 

    • Remember, doing new exercises will work different muscles so you may feel some discomfort in these muscles for a few days, this is normal.

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