Welcome to the Community Access Programme

We’re delighted to welcome you to the Community Access Programme at Edinburgh Leisure and look forward to you getting active with us.

This page provides more information about your CAP Individual card and how you can use it at our venues.

The Community Access Programme (CAP) is delivered by Edinburgh Leisure to help people incorporate physical activity into their daily life through discounted access to Edinburgh Leisure facilities for 12 months. 

You have been referred by an affiliated CAP organisation who believe that CAP access will be beneficial for your physical and mental wellbeing. 

Your card provides the following access per activity at our venues until 4.00pm, 7 days a week. Please note that twilight gym access after 8.00pm is also included at £1 per visit with your card.

Swim, Sauna and Steam Rooms

CAP cardholders can enjoy £1 access to all Edinburgh Leisure swimming pools.

CAP cardholders can also enjoy the health and relaxation benefits of our Sauna and Steam rooms for £1. 

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Fitness Classes

CAP cardholders can enjoy £1 access to our wide range of fitness classes.

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Whether is weights or cardio, or both, CAP cardholders can access our 15 gyms across the city for £1 per session. 

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NRG Zone

CAP cardholders from S1 up to 15 years old can access our NRG Zone sessions with our expert instructors for £1. 

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Sports Pitches

From May 24, football pitch/5-a-side hall hire access is no longer available on the CAP Individual Card.

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Racquet Sports

CAP cardholders can enjoy our range of racquet sports with Badminton, Squash and Table Tennis for £2 per hour and Tennis courts for £4 per hour*

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You should have received a CAP welcome SMS message or email. These messages include your Edinburgh Leisure member ID number.

To get your card all you have to do is visit one of our sites and speak to a member of our front of house teams. They will be able to find your account on our system, via your member ID, and add your access card to your account.

Our front of house team may also ask you for your photo at this time, so it can be added to your account.

Online booking is still required for some of our activities at Edinburgh Leisure.  As a CAP cardholder, you will have an account automatically set up for you. However, to access this your account must be linked to a valid email address. For more information on online booking please see the how to guides below:

CAP Individual card users should only be prebooking activities within a 24-hour period of them taking place. We are monitoring prebooking of activities and users who book out with this window will have their CAP access reviewed leading to potential removal from the programme. 

Helpful hints for booking

If you share an email address with someone else who has an Edinburgh Leisure membership card or account, you can use the same email address on more than one booking account BUT you will have to set up different passwords. 

The email address that you enter on the 'Book Now' page of our website HAS to be the email address we have in our records for you. If you accidentally enter a different email address you will not receive an email from us with instructions.

If you are asked for your Member ID at any point, you can find this on the 'Welcome' email and text we sent you.

Getting back to the gym?

At Edinburgh Le|aisure we are here to help everyone get active and stay active. We understand that for many people the last few years have seen significant challenges and that you may be recovering from a longer period of inactivity, de-conditioning or illness. 

Our Gym teams at Edinburgh Leisure are here to make sure you get back on track to staying active and our high-spec equipment, personal programmes and first-hand advice will ensure you get the most out of your gym sessions. 

So if you are looking for some help getting back into the gym, speak to a member of staff in venue or pre-book one of our free 1-2-1 instructor sessions. 

Is your CAP discounted access time restricted?

Yes, the discounted prices are only valid until 4.00pm 7 days a week. The gym can be accessed after 8.00pm seven days a week too. Out with these times, your access will be charged at Edinburgh Leisure discount card rates. 

Where can you use your card?

You can use your card at any of our Edinburgh Leisure facilities. For more information about our sites please click here

What’s the best way to pay when using your CAP card? 

At present Edinburgh Leisure are operating on a cashless basis and, accept card and contactless payments only. We no longer accept cash at any of our venues. 

How long does your CAP card last?

Your card access lasts for 12 months. 

Can your card be renewed after 12 months? 

CAP cards cannot be renewed after 12 months. The programme has a high number of referrals so you can only be referred onto the programme once. Near the end of your CAP access, we will send you some information about how you can remain active with us if you so wish! 

Who can use your CAP card? 

Only you! Users who abuse this and let others use their card will be removed from the programme and have their access rescinded.

The CAP Individual card discounts cover the named cardholder only. You cannot use your CAP individual card to gain access for others except for when you have a racquet sport court or football booking.

How do you access the gym if you’re under 16?

You can access our gyms if you are secondary school aged through our NRG Zone accreditation process. All under 16’s must have an NRG Zone accreditation to be able to book into our Junior Gym sessions. For more information on NRG Zone please see edinburghleisure.co.uk/nrgzone  

What happens if you lose your card?

If you have lost your card just visit one of our sites to get a replacement. Replacement cards cost £1.

What do you do if you can’t use your card due to personal circumstances or ill health? 

If for any reason you are unable to use the card due to personal circumstance or illness, and would like to delay the use of your card then you must let us know as soon as possible by contacting active@edinburghleisure.co.uk 

We look forward to seeing you at our venues soon – so why not pop into your local site and pick up your card today.

  • EL expects CAP Individual cardholders to be respectful of staff, other customers and property. Not doing so may result in refused entry, ban from centres and removal from the programme.
  • EL expects CAP Individual cardholders to follow conditions of use and all relevant guidance from staff. Not doing  so may result in removal from the programme.
  • CAP Individual cards are not transferable and use by any person other than by the cardholder will result in the cancellation of the card. Your photo will be taken at reception and stored against your card and membership info for proof of identity.
  • Edinburgh Leisure’s Active Communities department may make changes to the CAP membership and access options or terms and conditions and reserve the right to do this. If any such changes are introduced these will be communicated to Community Access Programme Individual cardholders in advance of their introduction.
  • **Pitch access cannot be used for team training for organised team (youth or senior), academy sessions, league games or for revenue generation focused activities. If cardholders are found to have used their card to support any of these activities their access will be rescinded immediately.

*Card users should only book one court during any booking window. This adjustment is aimed at ensuring fair access for all users and optimizing court availability for everyone's enjoyment. Please note that we will be monitoring bookings closely, and any instances of users disregarding this guidance by booking multiple courts may result in the suspension of access privileges.

If you have any problems, or require additional information, please feel free to contact our Active Communities advisor team via email at active@edinburghleisure.co.uk or call 0131 458 2260.