Additional Support Needs

We provide a range of activities, opportunities and support to enable people with disabilities or additional support needs to get active. 

Boccia is a target ball sport similar to bowls but played with blue and red leather balls. The aim of the game it to get your colour closer to the white ball. The session is aimed to improve participant’s skills and tactics in a fun social environment. The session is open to both adults and young people with sensory, physical and learning disabilities.

Stage 1

This is the entry level for new boccia participants. The focus is on understanding the game, participation and developing the basic boccia skills.

Stage 2

This class is for people who are at a competitive level in boccia and regularly compete. The participants will work towards developing specific game related skills and tactics.

Available at Gracemount Leisure Centre

The water provides a fantastic environment for children with additional needs to experience freedom of movement, buoyancy and stimulation. Our experienced teachers will work with you to determine the best approach to swimming lessons for your child. We have a variety of ASN specific classes which are details below, however where appropriate we may recommend and encourage integrating within our main group lessons. 

At this time we are unable to provide a teacher in the water so if your child requires this level of support a parent/ carer will be required in the water

Adult Stroke Development ASN 

Our stroke development class refines effective technique in the swimming strokes. This class is for adults who can swim lengths.

Available at Ainslie Park Leisure Centre, Leith Victoria Swim Centre, Portobello Swim Centre and the Royal Commonwealth Pool

Swim Skills ASN & Carer

A class specific to children within Swim Skills who require additional support in the water by parent/ guardian.

Available at Drumbrae Leisure Centre and Portobello Swim Centre 

ASN Diving 

Children will learn skills and dives from the poolside and one metre diving boards at a pace they are comfortable with. All parents and carers are welcome to sit on poolside next to the lesson taking place and watch as well as assist if they wish. We ask that children are able to swim confidently in deep water without goggles.

Available at Royal Commonwealth Pool

There is no better introduction to the benefits of activity than giving anything and everything a try with multi sports classes.

Our classes enhance physical education and spatial awareness, letting children enjoy exercise from an early age.

Our Multi-Sport activities are available for children from 18 months to 5 years old and provide and fun and social introduction to sport and fitness.

Our ASN Active Play sessions are for children aged 5-12 with additional support needs. 

These unstructured sessions give children the chance to explore different sports and sports equipment at their own pace, while developing balance, co-ordination, and agility, increasing their self-confidence, developing social skills and most importantly, having fun! 

Free play positively influences creativity and the child’s ability to problem solve.  

Ages: P1-P3 and P4-P7

Session Length: 45 minutes

Available at Meadowbank Sports Centre

This is a mixed ability level Trampoline class aimed at school age participants with Additional Support Needs.  

They will learn fundamental trampoline skills and have the opportunity to build on skills ability, confidence, friendships and have FUN!  

Some classes require an adult/carer to attend with the trampolinist and some are independent. 

To ensure we have the correct additional support in place and that there are no medical contraindications to taking part, please ask to discuss the class suitability with the Gymnastics Co-ordinator.

Available at Gracemount Leisure Centre