Clubs - the next stage on the journey

Many swimming and aquatic clubs regularly use our swimming pools to host their training sessions.

Attending a local club is the next stage on the journey for many people in our Learn to Swim programme, and we're proud to accommodate such a diverse range of clubs, disciplines and sports within our pools. 

For more information on any of the clubs below download our handy PDF.

Swimming clubs are a pathway for many of the participants leaving our Learn to Swim programme. In Edinburgh we’re lucky to have many clubs which cater for a wide range of ages and abilities, so if you are just looking to swim recreationally or are interested in competitive swimming there’s options for you.

Diving is an exciting Olympic sport which adults and children alike love. It’s great for water confidence and improves coordination, flexibility and fitness levels - it’s also great fun! Edinburgh’s only club – Edinburgh Diving Club – trains at the Royal Commonwealth Pool.

Underwater hockey is a fast and fun game played by two teams of six players on the bottom of a swimming pool. Wearing masks, snorkels, fins and a glove you use a short stick to pass a puck between team members and flick into the goals to score.

Synchronised swimming is growing in Edinburgh, and we’re delighted to host the local club. Synchro combines the grace of ballet, the skill and strength of swimming, and is performed to music.

Water polo is played by two teams made up of seven players. Players must pass the ball to one another whilst taking care to avoid their opponents, with the aim being to score as many goals as possible. We’re delighted to have clubs for both children and adults using our centres.

Triathlon involves swimming, cycling and running. We’re delighted that a number of local clubs use our centres for their training.