Active fun for babies, toddlers and pre-school

Spaces now available, contact your centre to book (payment by Direct Debit).

Our Pre-school programme specifically designed for ages 0 - 4 years teaches you how to safely handle your baby in water and gently introduces your child to the exciting world of aquatics. It will take your child through a seamless journey to becoming a safer independent, confident swimmer.

Smaller classes of 4 swimmers per teacher (1:4 ratio) are available for children who require a teacher in the water to help build confidence and become independent in the water.

Gymnastics for babies and toddlers? Yes, and they can start as soon as they begin crawling around! Pre-school gymnastics classes are ideal to help develop children’s motor skills, balance and agility. 

There’s classes for Parent and Toddlers and Pre-school children from 3 – 5 years. And there’s a combination so parents with both ages can go to the one class.  If they like it there’s a whole world of gymnastic opportunities available from Primary 1 onwards

This unique pre-school class combines the music and movement of Gym Nippers with the excitement of trampolining in a safe and fun environment.  

Kids will use large and small apparatus and the trampolines to learn skills such as balance, coordination, listening and observing.  All children must be accompanied by an adult for these classes to ensure supervision when not on the trampoline. 

Our junior tennis coaching programme is recognised by the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) as being second to none! Our structured pathway allows children to develop their skills in groups with players of similar age and ability and progress from beginner stage to regional and national standard. 

Tots Tennis for children 3-5 years, Tots Tennis offers a fun introduction to the sport allowing parents or helpers to be on court with their children. This is an ideal starting point for progression into the Mini Tennis coaching programme and beyond.

Mini Kicker sessions are a great fun way to introduce your child to football, it is specially developed for children aged between 3 - 5 years. 

Children will develop their fundamental football skills through dribbling, passing and control of the ball while building confidence and learning teamwork.

Run, Jump and Throw provides a fun, challenging and enjoyable starting point for involvement in sport. Sessions will include a wide variety of games and activities that develop the skills and attributes needed to establish the foundations of athletics.

Active Start is a fun multi-activity sport session specifically designed for children 3 – 5 years old. Each session is 45 minutes and allows children the opportunity to try of a wide range of sports including; athletics, tennis, gymnastics, football and lots more! These activities help children to develop their agility, balance, strength and social skills - as well as allowing them to enjoy exercise from an early age. All with a little help from our Edinburgh Leisure friend Paws The Bear!

This bouncy class for 3–5 year olds teaches children the basic skills of balance, coordination, re-bound, orientation, listening and observing in a safe and fun environment. Parents also attend these sessions, allowing you to enjoy 1:1 time with your child and watch them develop. 

With a fully qualified coach, the kids will have use of a trampoline and soft play area, so they can practice while they wait their turn! All children must be accompanied by an adult for these classes to ensure supervision when not on the trampoline.’

A great session to start familiarising with the walls for kids aged 4 years old. The session lasts for 90 minutes, which includes 60 minutes in the arena working with the climbing instructors learning basic climbing and movement techniques through games and simple climbs, followed by 30 minutes supervised softplay. Parents must remain on site during this session.

This class for 3 – 5 year olds will introduce your child to ballet, and will cover all the classical ballet moves, from first position to pirouette, within a friendly caring environment.

Specifically designed for 3 – 5 year olds, this class will focus on jumping techniques which promote self-confidence and social skills while having fun. Coaches will deliver the class using  the trampoline and dive board in the dry land diving area . Children will learn how to land, shape and twist and will be a great starting point for progression to trampolining, gymnastics or diving classes from P1. Available only at the Royal Commonwealth Pool.