How to Move a Booking

Only tennis, badminton, squash or table tennis bookings can be moved once they are booked. Members can cancel other activities at no charge up to 3 hours before your activity is due to start. In order to let as many customers as possible have a chance to book, we do charge a late cancellation fee (cancelled less than 3 hours before the activity starts) and a no show fee.

For other helpful tips on how to move and cancel bookings, please read our ''Can I cancel or move my booking?'' Ask Us article.

To move or cancel a booking click the button below and follow our step by step guide:

Step 1:

Use your login details to log into our booking system.

Step 2:

Click 'Manage Bookings' on the top menu bar

Step 3:

Locate the booking you wish to move. If you are able to move your booking, you will see a blue circular arrow icon under the actions column (if this icon is grey, the activity is unable to be moved). Click this icon.

Step 4:

 You will be presented with a weekly calendar of available slots (green).  Click the day you wish to move your booking to.

Step 2:

You will be presented with the available courts for that day. (green).  Click on the court and time you wish to move your booking to.

Step 3:

Review the the day and time you are moving your booking to.  Click 'Confirm'. You will recieve a confirmation email once the payment is complete.

Still having trouble?

If you're still having trouble moving or canceling a booking, visit our Ask Us portal, where you can find answers to our frequently asked questions or submit an enquiry form to our Customer Service Team.

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