Edinburgh Leisure's response to media coverage about venue closures

Edinburgh Leisure | Thursday 11th January 2024 6:00pm

Edinburgh Leisure's response to misleading media articles re venue closures

There have been several misleading media articles regarding venue closures at Edinburgh Leisure. The charity is facing significant financial challenges next year (2024/25) due to several factors, including further increases in energy costs.

Information was prepared on venue closures to illustrate the scale of these challenges and the potential impact on services. Unfortunately, several media articles omitted to cover these all-important points in favour of reporting ‘venue closures’. 

Work is ongoing with our funding partner, the City of Edinburgh Council, as to how we might address the financial challenges and ensure our work to support the citizens of Edinburgh to be active and well continues!

There are no venue closures planned for at this time and customers should feel confident that we are doing everything we can to maintain all our venues.

It is very much business as usual so please keep using and supporting us!