Swimmers diving into history with The Great Royal Swim Challenge

Edinburgh Leisure | Friday 21st April 2023 6:30am

Swimmers diving into history with The Great Royal Swim Challenge

Swimmers from Edinburgh Leisure’s coaching sessions are looking to dive into history with the Great Royal Swim Challenge by taking on the challenge to collectively swim from the Royal Commonwealth Pool to Balmoral Castle in celebration of the King’s Coronation.

Children in Edinburgh Leisure’s coaching classes in Swim Skills 4, Club Ready, and Junior Skills & Drills classes, will aim to swim a total of 166km, the distance between the Royal Commonwealth Pool and Balmoral Castle, during their swim lessons between now and 5th May, with each class totalling the distance they swim.  As there are different numbers of classes at each pool it will be an Edinburgh Leisure team challenge and the total distance in metres for all pools will be accumulated to reach Balmoral Castle.

Marie Kneeshaw, Edinburgh Leisure’s Aquatics Development Officer explained: “Our swim coordinators collectively came up with this exciting challenge for swimmers in our coaching classes to take on the challenge to swim 166km, the distance between the Commie Pool and Balmoral Castle, aiming to complete the challenge by Friday, 5th May, just before the King’s Coronation.

This will be an amazing target to reach and hopefully this will get our swimmers up for the challenge.”

At the end of the challenge each swimmer in the Swim Skills 4, Club Ready and Junior Skills & Drills will receive a certificate of congratulations for taking part in the Great Royal Swim.

 Follow the children’s progress by following Edinburgh Leisure on their social media channels on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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