Join the 2017 "Jump In" Swim Challenge

Sign up today to the Jump In Swim Challenge and stroke, crawl or paddle 5 or 10km throughout the month of September whilst raising sponsorship to give every child in Edinburgh the chance to swim.

For information on why we’re fundraising – see information at the foot of this page.

How to take part:

1.       Pick the right challenge for you.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced swimmer, the Jump In Swim Challenge has something for all abilities. Pick which challenge is right for you!

Toe Dippers 5km

By simply swimming 25 lengths twice a week, you’ll easily achieve your goal.

Olympic Dreamers 10km

Up the ante or double up your pool time to power through 100 lengths a week.

2.       Complete the form below

3.       Receive your swimmer pack from us

From August we’ll send you out a swimmers pack which includes:

  • Edinburgh Leisure card giving you unlimited FREE swimming for the month of September 
  • Record card so you count every length you’ve swam 
  • Jump In Swim Challenge cap 
  • Sponsorship form to help you with your fundraising
  • Fundraising tips and information on how to set up an online sponsorship page
  • Training tips to help you complete your challenge

4.       Get swimming!

Then all you have to do is grab your swimming costumes and Jump In on 1 September!


Learning to swim is a big part of growing up that every child should get the chance to do.

It’s a fun way to keep active and helps develop healthy behaviours for life. Swimming is also the only sport that can save a child’s life. However, one in five children in Edinburgh live in poverty and often miss out on swimming lessons and fun at the pool.  This means they are:

  • less likely to be able to swim
  • at greater risk of drowning
  • unlikely to be active adults
  • more prone to major illnesses in later life
  • have a shorter life expectancy

Jump In Project Since 2012, Jump In has helped 1,500 nursery school children become safer and more confident around the water.

The project works with local authority nursery schools situated in areas of deprivation.  Children get a free block of swimming lessons and the chance to go swimming with their family for just £1.  This is followed by 6 months discounted lessons, giving parents an affordable way for their child to become a more confident swimmer.

Jump In Swim Challenge The challenge takes place from 1 - 30 September 2017 and will help raise funds through sponsorship for Edinburgh Leisure’s Jump In project.


"I’d already put my two eldest sons through swimming lessons. However in the last few years my budget has got really tight and with three young lads to look after, there’s barely enough to cover the essentials. Sandy started ‘Jump In’ through his nursery school and it turns out he was a natural and loves being in the water.  Because of the discount, I was able to continue with his lessons and he can now swim safely.  Now, if I get the chance and have the money, I’ll take the boys swimming on a Friday afternoon.  They all love it. It keeps us active and is a great thing to do as a family. ‘Jump In’ made this possible and has meant that Sandy didn’t miss out."

Alistair Stevenson (33)  with son Sandy (4)