Clip ‘n Climb is our exciting attraction for everyone aged four and upwards at EICA: Ratho. Even if you’ve visited us before or been to another Clip ‘n Climb centre, you may have some questions and we’ve done our best to answer these here.

Watch our short video on Clip 'n Climb to help answer any questions you may have before you get here. 


I have children of different ages, can they climb together?

Yes. It is one of the few activities that adults and kids of mixed ages can actually do together at the same time.

Can anyone do it?

It doesn't matter how fit, how daring or inexperienced you might be, we have a range of different challenges and routes which will appeal to all abilities and aptitudes. The minimum age is 4 years. It is the parent/guardian's responsibility to ensure that their children are old enough to participate. If we become aware that a participant is under age we are required to stop their further participation and this session will not be eligible for a refund.

What if a member of my party has special needs/concerns?

We are able to accommodate customers with disabilities, so please tell us about any additional support needs and we’ll do our best to ensure that they get the most out of the experience with no hassle or fuss.

How long is a session?

A Clip ‘n Climb session lasts one hour and includes a short briefing session at the start.

Do I have to stay with my child during the session?

Children under the age of 12 years must have an adult accompany them to the Clip ‘n Climb area prior to the session starting. Adults can also climb, but may choose not to do so and instead spectate from the viewing area. Parents / guardians of children aged 9+ years must remain in the building throughout.

How busy will it be?

The maximum number of participants per session is 20 so there are plenty of challenges to choose from without a rush.

What should I wear?

You should wear appropriate loose fitting, flexible, comfortable clothing and closed-toe footwear such as trainers. The arena does get cold in winter so please wear warm clothing when you arrive. Climbing shoes, shoes with heels, flip-flops or open toe shoes are not permitted.  Shoe laces should be tied, long hair tied back and all jewellery removed before the start of the session.  Glasses must be secure and any jewellery such as rings and ear-rings should be removed before climbing for safety reasons. All clothing pockets should be empty to stop anything falling out.

Please avoid chewing gum when participating.

Do I need any special equipment?

All equipment is provided which includes ropes and harnesses and our simple auto belay clips. If taking the Vertical Drop Slide challenge then a skydive suit and helmet is supplied. You can't wear your own climbing harness and there's no need for chalk.

Are you allowed to take a camera or filming equipment up on the ‘walls’ including Go Pro devices?

No loose items such as mobile phones or hand-held or head mounted cameras are permitted on the 'challenges' for safety reasons. If you get permission from a member of staff a family member or colleague can film you from the ground.


Is Clip ‘n Climb safe?

Completely. Our auto belay system is easy to use and takes in the slack as you climb and gently lowers you to the ground. Our instructors will teach you how to self-clip with Belaymate.

Is there any climbing instruction?

No experience is required but a five minute introduction is provided and we have instructors available for any questions or to provide assistance if required.

What height will I be climbing at?

Our elements are 10 metres high and most have a choice of three recommended routes (easy, medium and hard challenges)

What if I get thirsty - can I take a water bottle on a climb?

No sorry no drinks, gum or food are allowed in the Clip ‘n Climb area but we do have small lockers where you can deposit your own water bottle for a well-earned drink after the session. We also have a cafe on Level 1 (beside Scrambles) which you can visit before or after your Clip 'n Climb session.

Can I climb alone or will I be climbing with others?

Some of the challenges are solo while other allow up to two or three other climbers. You can have great fun climbing with others, either as a race or on face to face, our window wall!

I’ve climbed a few times, will the challenges be too easy?

You can choose to take a harder route or race against an opponent or the clock in some of our challenges.  


Should I book in advance?

Yes we recommend booking in advance to avoid any disappointment. Weekends in particular can be busy and during holidays.

How do I book my session?

You can book and pay online, simply select an available session and enter in the number of ticket types you require. An email confirmation will be sent.

Is Clip ‘n Climb a suitable activity for a birthday party or special event/corporate activity?

Yes. It’s suitable for mixed ages and we can accommodate groups of 20 in in a session.  Contact us to discuss what party and catering packages would be most suitable for your group, either booked into a normal session or as an exclusive party. It's also great fun as a team building exercise and we can put on additional sessions if required.

Please contact via bookings.eica@edinburghleisure.co.uk for more info on group bookings.

Is Clip ‘n Climb just for children?

No! Adults can climb in any session that has free spaces and it's a great shared experience for the whole family. We can also arrange for exclusive use for team building or corporate events.  Please contact us for details.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please only book a Clip n Climb session if you are sure you be able to attend. Full payment is required at time of bookings, no refunds or changes can be made to your booking after this time.

If you'd like to alter the time of your booking, please contact us via askus.edinburghleisure.co.uk

Non Climbers

Can I watch my family and friends climb?

We have a viewing gallery with some seating in the climbing arena for customers and friends to view. But why not get involved by helping your kids clip in and out, or by taking photos!

Can I take photos of my kids in action?

Yes, please do, but please just let a member of staff know. We don't want to spoil the fun but we do need to protect the privacy of other customers so please restrict them to your group.

Is there somewhere I can relax if I don’t feel up to climbing?

We have our comfortable Café Refresh serving healthy options and sweet treats. But we do ask that if your children are under 12, that you stay in the main Clip 'n Climb area, or spectator section. You can bring food or drink from the cafe into the spectator area.


Is there parking at EICA: Ratho?

We have a large car park which is free for customer use.

Is there somewhere to eat and drink?

Café Refresh is open to all and offers paninis, cakes, soups and rolls. It has great views overlooking our main climbing arena and is open 7 days a week.

Where can I keep my personal belongings?

We operate a secure locker system. Bring £1 coin or a locker token can be purchased at reception.

What other climbing facilities are there?

For beginners and more experienced climbers we are home to Europe’s largest indoor climbing arena and also have a bouldering room.

We are traveling a fair distance, can we make a day of it?

Absolutely! We have a range of other climbing activities including abseiling and bouldering.  Why not book in for a climbing start-up session (for beginners) and who knows, you might start a whole new adventure. Our non-climbing facilities include a gym, fitness studios, and softplay for younger kids.  We also have a café serving snacks throughout the day. 

What is there to do for younger children?

Children can enjoy Clip ‘n Climb from as young as 4 years however EICA: Ratho also welcomes young children in the Scrambles softplay area (0-10 years)