Fit for Health

Fit for Health is a 16 week physical activity referral programme for people aged over 16 years who are living with one, or more, of the following long-term health conditions

Cardiovascular disease

Respiratory disease

Heart Failure




Liver disease

What happens at a session?  

Fit for Health classes have been designed to meet a wide range of fitness levels and individual ability. You have the choice of attending studio-based classes or gym-based classes. 

  • Studio based group activity: a circuit style class designed to work the whole body with a combination of upper and lower body exercises. Each exercise can be adapted to meet your individual needs and your level of ability. The session is delivered and managed by one of our Level 4 specialist health instructors. As you progress over the 16 weeks, you will be encouraged to increase your activity and reduce your rest time.
  • Gym based sessions: these sessions are the perfect opportunity for you to have an exercise programme designed for you by a Level 4 specialist health instructor. The sessions will consist of coaching you on how and why to use different machines, including advice on intensity levels and a personalised programme that will benefit you for the duration of the course.

We also encourage you to be active between your weekly classes so you will be given an Edinburgh Leisure card which will give you subsidised access to our gyms, pools and fitness classes out with your Fit for Health classes and you can also take part in our pre-recorded session at home at any time using this link - click here. 

Only attempt this class if you are feeling well enough to do so and ensure your workout space is safe and clear of hazards. If at any point you feel sick, dizzy, or ill, STOP and seek medical advice. Remember to stay hydrated throughout the class. 

How much does it cost?  

Each class lasts 1 hour and it won't cost you anything to attend.  

How can I access it?  

If you think Fit for Health could help you, please speak to your health professional who can make a referral on your behalf. Once we receive your referral a member of our Active Communities team will contact you to invite you to your first session. 

What happens after the programme?  

At the end of your 16-week programme, your instructor will discuss a range of options to help you continue to be physically active. 

For more information about Fit for Health contact our Active Communities team on 0131 458 2260 or email

Fit for Health is delivered by Edinburgh Leisure in partnership with the Edinburgh Health & Social Care Partnership.