Young People in the Gym

Our gyms aren't just for adults! 

We provide S1 - S5 aged young people a safe and controlled environment as they find their feet in the gym.

Being active and healthy changes more than just your looks - it’s great for self esteem, keeping you healthy and it’ll give you more energy. Whether you want to work towards gym accreditation or just take part in a gym-based fitness class, we've got the right pathway for you!

NRG Zone is the first steps on your journey into the gym. In these sessions, our expert instructors help you through our accreditation scheme. When you're ready, our instructors assess competence and discipline to use the gym without close supervision. Once completed, you're free to use the gym at any time as long as a Gym Instructor is present.

To gain gym accreditation, you have to complete a minimum of five NRG Zone sessions.

Available at Ainslie Park Leisure Centre, Craiglockhart Leisure Centre, Dalry Swim Centre, Drumbrae Leisure Centre, EICA:Ratho, Glenogle Swim Centre, Leith Victoria Swim Centre, Portobello Swim Centre, the Royal Commonwealth Pool and Warrender Swim Centre.

Get your gym accreditation through our NRG Bootcamps, available at select venues. 

Bootcamps are typically five sessions in five weeks, with each sessions covering a different aspect of the gym. During school holidays, we run five-day bootcamps where you can get your accreditation in under a week!

Check your favourite venue's page for any upcoming NRG Bootcamps. 

Youth Circuits

A drop-in circuit training class for S1 - 15 year olds that mixes bodyweight exercises, cardiovascular equipment and other gym toys. You don't need to be accredited to attend these sessions. 

Available at Ainslie Park Leisure Centre, Dalry Swim Centre, Drumbrae Leisure Centre, Glenogle Swim Centre, Gracemount Leisure Centre, Leith Victoria Swim Centre and Portobello Swim Centre.

Youth BoxFit

A drop-in studio-based class for S1 -15 year olds that will be a mixture of boxing techniques, exercises, boxing equipment and fitness. You don't need to be accredited to attend these sessions.

Available at Glenogle Swim Centre.


A class for S1 - 15 years who have completed their NRG Zone accreditation. This session combines a fun workout with further learning about exercise and technique.

Available at Craiglockhart Leisure Centre.

For all our gym-based activities, you can book your place by talking to member of staff. 

Use the dropdown menu below to see your local venue, where you will then be able to find their gym class timetable and book an NRG Zone session.

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