Bouldering at EICA

It's not all about heights at EICA, there's also plenty for boulderers to enjoy.

Bouldering is a great workout and way to get a taste for climbing. Check out what bouldering at EICA is all about!

Arena Boulders

Enjoy a climb with a view and uncover a challenge on our 3 textured free standing arena boulders.

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Bouldering Room

Can't get enough? There are more problems and puzzles in our dedicated bouldering room.

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Climbing Training Facilities

Get the most out of your climbing at EICA with our climbing-specific training equipment.

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If heights aren't your thing why not try bouldering?

Bouldering is a fun and dynamic sport where you can get all the thrills of climbing without having to worry about knots and ropes. It's just you vs. the wall!

It's the perfect way to get into climbing, meet new people and keep fit. It's also a great mental workout!

There are a wide range of bouldering levels and challenges at EICA in the arena and the dedicated bouldering room nearby. Our boulders cover a range of styles with around 85 problems graded VB to V8. 

If you've not tried bouldering before, you will need an instructor to show you how to boulder safely. 

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Shoes can also be hired if you don't have your own.

Enjoy a climb with a view and uncover a challenge on our three textured free-standing arena boulders.

With around 45 problems between VB and V8 and located in the middle of Europe's largest indoor climbing arena, bouldering at EICA is an experience like no other.

You can climb the set problems on the boulders or try the hidden textured features. Our free standing arena boulders are textured like real rock so you can really hone your technique and practice for outside.

Can't get enough? There are more problems and puzzles in our dedicated bouldering room.

Our bouldering room has around 40 problems from grade VB up to V8. Perfect for beginners and hardcore climbers alike!

You can really mix up sessions with such a range of problems. There are steep overhangs and vertical walls, as well as our barrel wall and pillar.

You can also find our campus board and 45° Degree Training Board in our Bouldering Room.

Get the most out of your climbing at EICA!

If you are looking for training equipment specific for climbing, check out what facilities we have here:

Campus Board

Focus on your upper body and finger strength with our campus board. There are multiple sized rungs for different levels of challenge!

45° Degree Training Board

Train your body and your mind with our training board. Make up your own problems or check out other people's on the 'Stokt App'.

Finger Boards

Why not hang out in the arena with our fingerboard set up? With Beastmaker 1000 and 2000 boards you can really work on your finger strength

Please be aware that these facilities are not suitable for beginner climbers due to the intensity of the exercises. To avoid injury it is best to wait until you have been climbing regularly for 2 years before incorporating these facilities into your sessions. Please ask our instructors for alternative ways to train and improve your climbing. 

If you've not used the equipment before please ask one of our instructors who will happily show you how to use it.

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