Dalry Swim Centre refurbishment

 We are delighted that Dalry Swim Centre has re-opened its doors after our refurbishment.  

We're proud of the £1m+ investment that has been made to ensure this beautiful Victorian building has 21st century facilities and is able to serve its local community for many years to come.

Please note if you visit us on 30th January there will be a photographer in Dalry recording the opening day for us. These photographs may be used on our website, social media or other marketing material. If you have any issues with this please speak to a member of the team at Dalry.

What's changed?

Just to re-cap on the significant changes and upgrades that have been carried out on this unique Victorian building over the last few months:

  • A significant mechanical and electrical upgrade including wiring and new ventilation systems to make the building more energy efficient.
  • Self-service access facilities to make it quicker and easier for customers to enter the building and enjoy their activities, avoiding queues.
  • A kiosk to book into fitness classes 
  • The addition of new disabled and family change facilities and more private showers
  • A cosmetic upgrade throughout the building

As a result of the work that's been carried out at Dalry, we wanted to let make you aware of what to expect on your first visit along with some handy tips to ensure it all goes smoothly:

  • Remember your Edinburgh Leisure card if you have one -  the introduction of  self serve access means no more delays at reception.

    If you are a Direct Debit paying member or you have a 10 for 8 prepaid card you can simply use your current membership card to swipe through the gates.

    If you have one of our other cards you can now quickly and easily pay for your activity at our self service kiosk (see video below) instead of queuing at reception.

    All our coaching customers will be given an Edinburgh Leisure fob when they first visit to enable them to swipe through our access gates.

    Our friendly welcome hosts will be available to support all customers on their first few visits.

  • No cash needed for lockers
    There is a 4 digit pin pad number to access the lockers meaning a simple no cash, no fuss, secure locker system.

  • No more blue pool shoes on poolside and balcony
    Edinburgh Leisure removed blue pool shoes from all venues in October 2018. Please support us help the environment by either bringing flip-flops/sandals or going bare foot

Coaching customers

Although our swim lessons will re-start from Wednedsay 6th February, we are very disappointed that we have not yet been able to source enough suitable coaches to deliver our Saturday swim lessons.  We have emailed all our customers in swim lessons to let them know  we are reopening and what options they have. We are working hard to resolve this issue as soon as possible and appreciate the further disruption this will cause. If you have any questions about our swim lessons please contact nicolamurray@edinburghleisure.co.uk.

Here's a preview of how easy it is to choose and pay for your activity at our self service kiosk.