Craiglockhart Junior Tennis Matchplay 2017

Edinburgh Leisure | Monday 9th January 2017 10:04am

Junior Tennis Matchplay returns

We're delighted to announce the return of Saturday and Sunday Matchplay sessions at Craiglockhart Leisure & Tennis Centre for 2017. 

We are offering all of our junior tennis customers the chance to gain some valuable match experience in a fun and relaxed environment. Players will take part in several short timed matches against other players of a similar age and level in the Craiglockhart tennis programme.

This will benefit any players who would like to practice the skills they have achieved in lessons helping them to improve their serve and scoring in a match situation.

Red sessions - £5 per player

All other sessions - £7 per player

DateLevel Time
14th January Gold 1-2 4-5.30pm
15th January Orange 3-4 2-3.30pm
21st January Red 1-3 4-5.30pm
22nd January Orange 1-22-3.30pm
28th January Green 1-2 4-5.30pm
29th January Silver 1-2 2-3.30pm
4th February Green 3-4 4-5.30pm
5th February Silver 3-5 2-3.30pm
11th February Orange 3-4 4-5.30pm
12th February Gold 3-5 2-3.30pm
26th February Red 1-3 2-3.30pm
4th March Gold 1-2 4-5.30pm
5th March Silver 3-5 2-3.30pm
11th March Gold 3-5 4-5.30pm
12th March Silver 1-2 2-3.30pm
18th March Orange 1-2 4-5.30pm
19th March Orange 3-4 2-3.30pm
25th March Green 3-44-5.30pm
26th March Green 1-2 2-3.30pm
1st April Gold 3-5 (Doubles)4-5.30pm
2nd April Silver 3-5 (Doubles) 2-3.30pm

To book a place, please contact Craiglockhart directly on 0131 443 0101

For more information please get in touch with one of the tennis coaching team: