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Myzone is the latest innovation in wearable fitness tracking technology. They are now available to buy at Ainslie Park Leisure Centre, Drumbrae Leisure Centre, Royal Commonwealth Pool and Leith Victoria Swim Centre. Each of these facilities are fully integrated with Myzone in their fitness classes and gyms to maximise customers efforts to their results.

Buy your Myzone belt today with our exclusive £70 discount - just click the link below:

To register your belt with one of our sites, please use one of the following site IDs when creating your Myzone account:

Ainslie Park Leisure Centre EBLUK002
Drumbrae Leisure Centre EBLUK003
Leith Victoria Swim Centre EBLUK001
Royal Commonwealth PoolEBLUK004

Wanting to know if you are training at the right intensity to achieve your goals? Wanting to know how much harder you can push yourself? 

Using a strap (worn across the chest) Myzone tracks every ounce of effort you put into exercise by the beat of your heart. This data is then used in a very simple point system, called MEPS (Myzone Effort Points), to give users a sense of satisfaction and achievement. It ensures all of your effort is rewarded. 

Staying fit, active and motivated is much easier with a little help from your friends. Myzone's own research shows that users with more than 4 connections perform over 40% more physical activity than those without. 

That's why Myzone isn't just about facts and figures - it's about creating an active community. Through the Myzone app, you can connect with with your peers where you can send them encouragement, congratulate them on their workouts or set them challenges.

Versatility meets accuracy

Myzone uses a chest strap for one important reason: accuracy. The information collected is 99.4% accurate to an EKG machine and is fit for the purpose of exercise. You deserve credit for all your effort, so Myzone makes sure that all of it counts.

Tracking effort counts

Myzone doesn’t measure speed, cadence, or weight lifted - it measures the effort put in. This levels the playing field so that beginner effort can be comparable with the effort exerted by elite athletes. 

Myzone collaborates

The Myzone system easily integrates with other technology. It’s able to sync with cardio equipment at the gym, 3rd party apps, and connect to your favorite bike computer. Myzone has a memory chip, so if you want to forget your phone, it’s ok! Go running, horse riding, or rake leaves for the afternoon and let your belt count every beat! Hassle-free.

Myzone helps you meet your goals

Myzone’s mission is to motivate you to put in the effort required to get the health and fitness results you want. Because the reality is if you hit your numbers, you’ll hit your goal.

To lower the risk for heart attack and stroke, try moderate-to-vigorous aerobic exercise three to four times a week. Examples of aerobic exercise include running, rowing, cycling, swimming, walking, hiking, and dancing. Use your Myzone heart rate monitor to gauge the intensity to ensure that you’re following the recommendations for heart health. 


In this blog post, the Myzone team outline how to use Myzone’s heart rate wearable system to assist you in your weight loss goals. You can also opt to monitor body fat percentage and circumference measures with the Myzone system so that you have multiple data points for feedback.