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Welcome to Edinburgh Leisure. Enjoy our conveniently placed venues and choice of activities across Edinburgh.

Book online now, whether you pay as you go or decide to become a member with the benefits this offers.

Once you have created an account here, you will be able to

  • Book an activity or class online quickly and easily
  • Pay full price or buy a discount card or monthly membership (and start saving immediately)
  • Pay securely either using your credit/debit card or via Paypal
  • Manage your bookings - move or cancel them

Browse what's on at your local venue or if you have a preferred activity - find out where it's at and what time. As our online services continue to develop, we hope to introduce you to an even wider choice of things you can book online in the future.

For your security, we ask that you create your own password. This will be different to any 4 digit pin that you may have been issued before from Edinburgh Leisure (which will still power your bookings on the Edinburgh Leisure App).

If you experience any problems with booking, please contact us here and we'll email you back or call 0131 458 2217.