Low Intensity Activities

These opportunities are ideal for those who feel it has been a long time since they were last active and are looking for a gentle start. Talk to us about your thoughts maybe a gentle introduction to the gym or ask about our 'one heart' fitness classes. Together we can advise and recommend options suitable for you and your preferred pace.

We have a range of activities which are ideal for those who feel it has been a long time since they were last active and are looking for a gentle start to help improve their health.

Active Sit 

This predominantly chair based class that will focus on maintaining or improving general strength, balance and self confidence for everyday living.

Strength and Balance 

A mixture of chair and standing based exercises that focus on individual strength, balance and general fitness and well being.

Strength & Cardio

This predominantly standing based circuit will focus on balance, cardiovascular and muscular strength endurance.

Seated Yoga

A predominantly chaired based class will focus on improving strength and balance as well as introducing relaxation techniques.    


A safe and effective workout using the resistance that water creates.  Equipment is used to increase intensity – suitable for all ages and fitness levels. 

Table Tennis 

Table tennis is another of those deceptive sports that looks easy but if you’re playing competitively can be a challenging game and fantastic workout. But we love it because it is a highly sociable sport, one of the largest participation sports in the world, and suitable for players of all ages. The game exercises both the body and the mind, helps develop eye hand co-ordination and is fun to play. 


Badminton is a great fun game to play in pairs or doubles, it's great as a sociable sport but can be highly competitive too. Played with a shuttlecock instead of a ball, the general play is slower than tennis but smashes can be much faster. It’s a great way of improving your cardio fitness and hand to eye co-ordination and is suitable for all ages, stages and levels of ability, plus, as equipment is available for hire from our venues, you don't even need your own kit. We've got courts spread right across the city, find your nearest one and book in for a game. 

To find your nearest class, check out the low intensity activities in our booking search.