Lane fit

It's always good to switch up your regular fitness programme in order to rest aching muscles and add a spice of variety to your workout. Cue Lane Fit - our lane only swimming sessions. Available at 8 Edinburgh Leisure pools, Lane Fit offers you more lane swimming opportunities every week.    

  • Ainslie Park Leisure Centre    
  • Dalry Swim Centre   
  • Drumbrae Leisure Centre 
  • Glenogle Swim Centre    
  • Leith Victoria Swim Centre    
  • Portobello Swim Centre   
  • Royal Commonwealth Pool 
  • Warrender Swim Centre

You can choose between slow, medium and fast lanes, making the sessions suitable for all fitness levels and swimming abilities. To enhance your user experience, each session will provide floats and pull buoys for you to use and perfect your strength, technique and speed. 

These sessions are not instructor-led, but if it's motivation you're looking for head over to the Speedo website and check out their handy Swim Coach workout plans. Split by goal, time (30, 60 and 90 minutes) and ability level, these practical guides are ideal for those looking for some training inspiration.

We want to ensure an excellent customer experience and safety of all our lane swimming pool users. We’ve created this guide to enable you to get more out of your swimming experience and that of your fellow lane users. If you have any questions please feel free to chat to a member of staff.    

  • Check the direction of the lane as it can differ from venue to venue. A lane going clockwise will have lanes on either side going counter clockwise.    
  • Soft webbed paddle gloves can be used in all the lanes    
  • The person whose feet are being tapped should move out of the way to allow faster swimmers to pass.    
  • You shouldn’t speed up if you are being passed.    
  • Allow swimmers passing to turn at the centre of the lane wall.    
  • Do not start and turn in front of faster swimmers.    
  • Faster swimmers should allow slower swimmers as much time possible before starting.    
  • Please leave space after the swimmer in front to avoid collisions.    
  • Swimmers resting at the end of the lane should stay as far to the side of the lane as possible.    
  • Be polite. Communicate. 

If unsure please ask the Lifeguard for guidance.

Swim 30 seconds or faster per length

If you are swimming in this lane and faster swimmers join you, please check out the Medium lane as this pace may suit you better.To ensure an excellent customer experience and safety for all pool users, the following equipment can only be used in the fast lane and when there is four or fewer swimmers in the lane.There are kick boards and pull buoys available to use. 

Experienced swimmers are welcome to use fins that are appropriate for use within a swimming pool.

Only snorkels specific for swimming training are allowed. (Please note: scuba snorkels are not permitted in the pools). Hand and finger paddles come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes. These can be made from tough fabrics so please take care when handling them. (Soft webbed paddle gloves can be used in all the lanes).

Swim 35 to 45 seconds per length

Here you have the option depending on your pace on the day to move lanes.

Feeling good? Move to the fast lane.

Taking it easy? Head to the slow lane.

Swim 45+ seconds per length

Go at any pace you like just as long as it’s slower than the medium lane.