Routesetting at EICA   

Keep up to date with the newest routes and problems at EICA.

Our busy routesetters are always refreshing different routes and problems in the centre. So there's always something new to try whether you are lead climbing, top roping, on the auto belays, or just in for a boulder.

You can also keep up to date with any special setting that may be taking place for events or competitions on this page.

See below and see which routes or boulders have been reset most recently and see what is due to be changed soon. 

  • Auto-belays -  Filling in the auto-belays after the competition has finished. 
  • Old Comp Wall -  Continuing on the old competition wall.
  • Main Wall - We will be continuing on the main wall to the right of the lead slab. We will work along refreshing lines 4 to 10.
  • Tower Wall -  Refreshing top-ropes on the tower wall.

We'll soon be resetting routes/problems on:

  • Lead slab (lines 1 to 3) have been reset with 7 new routes from 4 to 7a.
  • New top-ropes to the right of the baby slab (lines 74 and 75). Grades from 3+ to 6b+.
  • Started working on the left hand side of the Old Comp wall. Routes from 6a+ to 7c+!
  • All of the auto-belays have new routes for the auto comp - that's 14 new routes from 5+ to 7c.
  • All 3 of the arena boulders have new problems, including 3 traverses and plenty of problems from V0 to V8.
  • The circuit board in the bouldering room has been reset. Circuits from 6a to 8a.
  • The 35 degree wall in the room has a few new problems on it too!

Watch this space for what new routes and boulder you can expect to see soon at EICA.

We'd love to hear what you think of our routesetting and if there's anything you'd like to see more of at EICA.

Have your say in how we grade our routes! Our grade consensus board is next to the office and will include newly set routes, plus a suggested grade form our route setters. 

After you've climbed a route you can add your suggestion of the route's grade, and after a week the grade the route will be graded at the most popular consensus.  

Want to see what our busy routesetters are up to and get a glimpse of the fantastic routes they are working on? 

Visit our Routesetter's very own Facebook page to meet the team and see what goes on behind the scenes at EICA. 

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