We collect:

  • Personal – name, address, email, date of birth, telephone.
  • Qualifications –for Service Providers we require copies of insurances and certificates. For extended lets we require evidence of insurances and may also require evidence of qualifications. For customers taking part in externally validated qualifications we will also hold records of this.
  • Product or service – details about the products or services you have used or bought from us.

  • Financial – for example bank address, sort code and account number. If you buy something from us using a card, your card information is not held by us. It is collected by our third-party payment processors. They specialise in the secure online capture and processing of credit/debit card transactions.

  • Image – if you become a member or sign up to our programmes your photograph may be taken electronically to allow our staff to easily verify your membership. When using our self-entry system your image will be displayed on a screen to verify your identity. We also have a variety of CCTV systems across our facilities which may capture your image. Images may also be taken and used for marketing purposes, with your consent.

  • Sensitive Data – This includes any medical or health information disclosed or discovered through our gym induction programme, by self or external company referrals into any of our health programmes, or by parents/guardians volunteering this information.

  • Usage – information about how you use our products and services

  • Preferences and consents – this includes information such as how you would prefer us to contact you, what your fitness aims are, whether you wish to receive marketing information from us, use of your image for marketing purposes, or confirmation that you understand risks associated with certain activities such as climbing