Blue Pool Shoe Removal FAQs

Why are blue pool shoes no longer being provided?

We've all seen the news reports and nature programmes highlighting the amount of plastic waste which ends up in the ocean. We would like to do our bit to help and have decided to stop the use of blue pool shoes as well as other single use plastics such as cups and straws.

From what date will you stop providing blue pool shoes?

From Monday 22nd October 2018 there will no longer be blue pool shoes available in our centres.

What should people do instead of using blue pool shoes?

In order to maintain cleanliness, you will be asked to change from outdoor footwear into indoor alternatives such as flip-flops or sandals. You will be asked to do this within the "No Outdoor Shoe Zone". 

Where are the "No Outdoor Shoe Zones?"

The "No Outdoor Shoe Zones" are within or near our swimming pool changing areas and are clearly marked with new signage that says "No Outdoor Shoe Zone". Please ask reception or a member of our team if you have any queries.

What does the "No Outdoor Shoe Zone" mean?

It means that all outdoor footwear should be removed before entering the "No Outdoor Shoe Zone". Instead you are welcome to change into indoor alternatives such as flip-flops or sandals. The new policy applies to customers and Edinburgh Leisure staff.

Where can I change my shoes?

You can change your shoes within our swimming pool changing areas. We have updated these areas with new seating and additional space where needed.

What if I/someone with me has additional needs?

We've made every effort at each centre to adapt changing facilities for any additional needs or special circumstances. Please let our staff know if you have any concerns and they will be happy to answer questions or arrange additional help.

What if I forget to bring a spare pair of indoor shoes/sandals?

In this instance we would advise customers to enter the "No Outdoor Shoe Zone" with bare feet if possible.

Is there somewhere I can leave my outdoor footwear?

We operate a secure locker system that requires either a £1 coin or 50p coin to use. You will receive your coin back when you collect your items afterwards.

Have you trialed removing blue pool shoes at Edinburgh Leisure?

Yes. We have successfully trialed and permanently removed blue pool shoes from four of our sites so far - with four of our sites reporting positive feedback and no decline in standards of cleanliness.

What are the  environmental benefits of removing blue pool shoes?

Each year by eliminating blue pool shoes we will be diverting 1.6 million individual single use plastics from resource-intense waste processes. This amounts to a saving of 4,848kg CO2 which is equivalent to driving 6,828 miles in a car or making 91,472 cups of tea.

How are you letting customers know about this new policy? 

  • In order to support customers, we have carried out training sessions with our staff. 
  • Since the end of the summer, notices have been posted at each site about blue pool shoes removal and the date from which it will be effective.
  • New signage has been installed a each venue.
  • For customers and children returning to swim coaching an email has been issued.