Fancy yourself as a bit of a Tom Daley? Edinburgh Leisure is very proud to offer a fantastic diving pool at the Royal Commonwealth Pool, complete with a dedicated Dry Dive Area with trampolines and harnesses, so that you can practice all those twists and turns before taking them to the big boards - you'll get a glimpse on the video below! Our diving programme follows the National Diving Award Scheme with classes to suit beginners right through to those at a competitive level.

We are delighted to welcome you back through our doors and to get back to helping Edinburgh keep active and well - always. 

It is very important that you read our safety guidelines below before attending any class. These include where to drop off and pick up children at each of our venues and much more essential information to help everyone have an enjoyable and safe Edinburgh Leisure experience.

How to book a class

See our class timetable, space availability and request to book a class. Click below to find out how.

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COVID-19 Coaching Guidelines

Keep up to date with our latest guidelines and information when planning a visit to our venues.

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With a fabulous start to the Olympics we're on the hunt for the next generation of divers at the Commie. 

Come and try diving for free with our Performance Diving Coaches and see if it's the sport for you/your child. Bring a friend along too. (Not open to divers currently in our programme)

To book simply email diving@edinburghleisure.co.uk

Your child should be between 7 and 16 years old, confident in deep water and a strong swimmer. Experience in gymnastics, trampolining, acrobatics or similar sports are desirable but not at all essential. 

Free session dates and times:


Monday 2nd and 9th August
Tuesday 3rd and 10th August

Thursday 5th and 12th August

9.00am - 10.00am

9.00am - 10.00am

2.00pm - 3.00pm

This is the first stage of the diving programme where basic diving skills are taught from poolside; including deep water confidence, jumping, rolling, first stages of head first diving & developmental shallow water skills. Entry Criteria:   

• Children in Primary 1 and above   

• Able to swim 10 metres unaided   

• Comfortable in deep water   

• Able to jump and submerge in water without goggles.

This class follows on from the Dive Skills 1 class and develops skills and movements further from the poolside, 1 metre, and 3 metre. Entry criteria:

• Minimum 95% completion of Dive Skills 1 competencies   

• Pike fall from 1 metre & competent jump from the 3 metre board

At this level divers focus in learning skills from 4 different dive groups - forward, backwards, reverse, and inwards. Entry Criteria:   

·  Minimum completion 90% of Dive Skills 2 competencies

The Dive Skills 4 class will develop the take-offs learned in Dive 3 and progress these four groups further, building skills, quality, and repetitions.. Entry Criteria:   

• Minimum completion 85% of Dive Skills 3 competencies

Children will learn skills and dives from the poolside and one metre diving boards at a pace they are comfortable with. All parents and carers are welcome to sit on poolside next to the lesson taking place and watch as well as assist if they wish. We ask that children are able to swim confidently in deep water without goggles.

Specifically designed for 3 – 5 year olds, this class will focus on jumping techniques which promote self-confidence and social skills while having fun. Coaches will deliver the class using  the trampoline and dive board in the dry land diving area . Children will learn how to land, shape and twist and will be a great starting point for progression to trampolining, gymnastics or diving classes from P1. We ask that a parent please be willing, if necessary, to assist their child.

A fantastic course suitable for beginners through to intermediate levels. Depending upon ability, the coaches will either start with the basic skills such as the hand grab and go through the three different shapes used in diving; and introduce more advanced skills and dives from the 6 directions - forward, backward, reverse, inward, twist, and armstand.

Divers can progress to our Masters classes - however there is no pressure and some people chose to train for fun and to keep fit.

Entry criteria - 16 years and above.

This class is specifically for adult divers who are aiming to compete. We offer 90-minute and 105-minute sessions, both of which include dry-land training.

On our class timetable you can check spaces, request to book a space, here's how:

  1. Check where and when your class will be on when we reopen and whether it has spaces using the 'Class timetable and availability' button below. 

  2. If there are spaces, you can complete a 'Booking Request Form'. Your space is not guaranteed at his stage. We will check and get back to you to confirm we have held a space and what the next steps are.  Your space is guaranteed once we have your Direct Debit instruction and we have emailed confirmation to you. Normally we collect Direct Debits on or around the 1st of each month. The monthly amount is calculated and collected over 12 months.

Diving is one of the most exciting, challenging and thrilling sports there is. It requires commitment and concentration. The structure of  lessons teaches hard work and dedication in a fun environment. Our lessons promote discipline, determination, courage and self-confidence, and kids will benefit from learning from their mistakes.

Our Teachers

We’re proud that our diving programme is endorsed by the national governing body, Scottish Swimming. This means that your child (or you) will only ever be taught by a fully qualified Level 2 coach. Our coaches undertake regular trained and are monitored by our team of specialists.

We are lucky to have teachers with a range of backgrounds in. They all share the same passion for teaching and inspiring each and every child to have a lifelong enjoyment of the water.

For further coaching frequently asked questions click here.