Steady Steps

Steady Steps is a community-based health referral programme, run by Edinburgh Leisure in partnership with NHS Lothian, that delivers group exercise sessions to older people who have had or are at risk of having a fall with the aim of preventing future falls and injury.

There is scientific evidence that the exercises used in the sessions help to increase endurance, strength, flexibility and balance. 

The programme is delivered by a Postural Stability Instructor who deliver Balance Exercise classes and will help you identify your goals and make sure you exercise in a safe and supported environment.  All exercises will be adapted to each individual so that no exercise is too easy or too difficult and there are seated alternatives available for all exercises.

Steady Step sessions are delivered across the city in Edinburgh Leisure venues. 

  • Steady Steps runs for 16 weeks with one session (1.5 hours) each week.
  • In the first and last session conduct some basic tests and questionnaires to help us measure your progress.
  • At the end of the 16-week programme, we support participants by providing a range of options to continue to make physical activity part of their lives.
  • As well as attending the once weekly session, participants are expected to complete home exercises twice weekly for the duration of the programme. 
  • Sessions consist of a warm-up, some physical activity and a cool-down, followed by 30 minutes of chat over tea and biscuits.

Volunteers are needed over a longer term basis and would be required to volunteer a minimum of two hours of their time each week. All volunteers must attend a training day prior to attending classes. You can apply to become a volunteer on the Steady Steps programme by clicking the link below.  For further information on the volunteer roles with the Steady Steps team please email 

To apply to be a Steady Steps volunteer please click here.

"Doing the class with others who are in a similar position is comforting’’ - Participant

“Steady Steps has helped me. I am now able to maintain my balance enough to do my things around the house’’ - Participant

“Steady Steps has helped me to have more confidence dealing with those at falls risk and helped teach me exercise techniques that could be used” - Physio Student

“I love the participants, they are so much fun and very unique - all of them have their own story” - Steady Steps Volunteer